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City, saying you didn't say it, right? That's right. You incorrectly pronounced you'd be the next one shot. It is 6 48. Thank you so much for being here on the tab and Dan show Muhaya, not Mexia. So we got well. Listen to a couple of runoff races on the Austin City Council have been decided. District 10 incumbent Alison Altar is the ways reelected and in District six. Mackenzie Kelly is the big winner. With all the votes tallied up for the Austin City Council race challenger Mackenzie Kelly upset incumbent Jimmy Flanagan by 9% points. In the runoff election with more than 54% of the vote in district 10. It was an even tighter race with incumbent Elson Alter beating out her challenger, Jennifer for den by three points, keeping her council seat with 51% of the vote. John Cooley News radio K O b. J Right, There you go. Congratulations, Mackenzie Kelly. A big Congratulations. And very, very timely, very, very timely. Given what were experiencing this in this city right now. It's it's like, you know, just just just came in and swooped in, and hopefully we'll kind of help save the day. Maybe so. It's just a least get these people thinking she's She's a tough one. But let's let's be clear. She's just a break. In this process, you know, change this City Council. I know she needs help, and I think she's gonna get some help. I've actually talked with a few others in that city council that want to work with her. Some of them don't. But there's a couple of others that are starting to stand up to this very aggressive mayor and Greg Cassara and Steve Adler. They're upset, too. They feel as if a couple of them have feel as if they were bullied into the de funding of police. They really didn't want to do it. Yes, Some people have come since and maybe they feel a little inspired to stand strong. On this issue. Maybe I'm hoping that's what is their thinking is that that would be good. That would be good. If that could really happen if that can still happen in the world, and especially still happened here in Austin, Texas. Yeah, that would. That would be quite encouraging. So Joe Biden his naming Cabinet members, and he has chosen a transportation secretary. The mayor from South Bend, Indiana. Pete Buddha Jet? Yeah. You have trouble saying his name Buddha Ditch Now, ButI. Think of boot edge edge boot at it. Yanks say that boot edge edge. There you go. No problem. Pretty much. Just a little faster. That's how you say Tej. Yeah. 38 years young and he ran a solid campaign, according to the Democrats, is scrapping a little bit well, he won. The Iowa caucus eventually dropped out of the race, and he endorsed Joe Biden help him raise money. Despite biting have run an ad mocking pizza in on his poultry experience of their they're together now and, uh, Pete's gonna run the Transportation Department for the There you go. He's smart guy, and he's also in there. Let's speak with us be quite honest. He's also in there because he's an openly openly gay man. That also looks good. That also looks good. You think that's the reason with that? That's a big chunk of it right there. That looks good for Joe Biden have been openly gay. I hope that's not the main reason why he selected enough. The main reason he's a very smart guy. I'm sure he will have a lot to offer. He is he sharp man. I I I was very impressed with him. But the fact that you know if I was him, you know, I would also be kind of let down a little bit. Just you got to know I'm also in here because I'm gay. Why they referring to miss the first gay Cabinet member? Openly gay. Okay, openly gay. Okay, coming because she you don't know. No, He's not the first game. He can't be. No, there's no way right. But he is apparently apparently the first openly gay kid. Sure, I I guess. Well, he's gonna manage nearly $90 billion and budget money Plus oversee the agency that regulates railroads, trucking and aviation is nomination makes it if it makes it through the Senate, Pete would be the first openly lbgt Q plus person to become a member of the presidential Cabinet. People are out of that's all right. That's great again. So you're all right. There you go. This is great news for Austin, Texas. Because Mayor Steve Adler in Pete's Our bestest of friends, they are B F F's, and they're connected on the TIC Tac's in the instagrams, and they do dance videos and share it back and forth with each other all day long. And, Yeah, I have a call. Someone goes. Hey, Woody. What do you do? Well, when Pete comes to town, he stays at the W with the mayor they do on There you go. I mean, the reason why I say this is good news is because, um, it's not a done deal yet, but federal dollars air desperately needed as part of that property that voters voted to increase their own personal taxes on that's right, and federal dollars are desperately needed to make that happen, or else I'm gonna have to come back with another big bond package on you. If you're somebody that believes that property will do anything to make this city a bit better short and it won't Well, there you go. So if we do get some federal dollars It could be because of the buddy buddy relationship between idler MPD. That's right. Could I have some money could have some money. So Travis County Commissioner Gerald Daughter is sounding an alarm yesterday in the county commissioner's meeting. He's really concerned about surging hospitalizations and leading business closures. And as part of that mayor Steve Adler and Travis County Judge Andy Brown, they're asking.

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