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Wilson bridge in Landover from arena drive to route fifty New Hampshire avenue to calls Ville road anti-sense corner from route seven down the gallows road now from garage door repair dot com, but WMA L Weather Channel forecast. Cloudy tonight. There is a slight chance for rain low fifty eight partly sunny tomorrow, high seventy seven cloudy Friday, high eighty four. It's seventy one in high. It's Bill Seventy-three right now at Reagan national Lima relief on one zero five point nine FM and AM six thirty Washington small w when they Al Gore shot when one thousand dollars now text the national keyword spent two nine five eight one nine that's spend two nine five. Eight one nine text S P N D two nine five eight one nine we'll text you back from your entry thing to messaging rates may apply. It's four days on W M A L deliri- O'Connor show. AM six thirty. We're learning more and more about the investigation into the investigators that must take place with regard to the spying on the Trump campaign, and maybe other campaigns during the two thousand sixteen election cycle by the Obama administration to that end Lieutenant Colonel Tony Shaffer CIA trained, former senior intelligence officer will join us at five PM in studio to give us the latest and his very unique and informed perspective on these things. Also, Laura Ramirez drained she is a conservative running for the school board of Fairfax.

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