Transit Agency, John Clausen, Gas Prices discussed on Noon Report with Rick Van Cise


Como news getting more of that there are fewer people taking public transportation these days is como sarah kunst tells us one local transit agency experienced a huge dropping twenty six ten can set trans it's writer ship drops seven percent overall and across all transportation options executive director john clausen says lower gas prices are behind the dropped who says they collected five point four million dollars and fares last year one point two million less than in two thousand fifteen and two and a half million less than in twenty eleven fair revenues provide about twenty percent of the agencies operating expenses the kit sup son reports consultants been hard to conduct a route analysis era coyotes como news details of mike hopkins coaching contract with the university of washington now coming out comeau's taylor ben size reports on the new lead dogs compensation you doubles shelling out twelve point three million dollars over six years for coach hopkins like many coaching deal still make more each season he stays on starting out with one point eight million dollars for his first years paycheck speculation over whether or not hopkins would go back to syracuse to coach the orange if jim a high i'm ever retires isn't directly addressed in the memo from the you dub but the penalty for leaving not like does go down as the years go by it for some reason hopkins luck during his first year he have to pay the you'd up two million bucks to get out of a contract if you leaves during his final contract year it would cost just a half million dollars contract also has bonuses built and for how well these athletes perform academically and how far the team gets in the pack twelve championship to the vance ice como news away we will hear from mike cobb in the press conference just about one o'clock this afternoon here on.

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