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England allwheeldrive traffic on the threes let's get to david struck lino that's a good start to the hour in however north of the city the ramp from ninety five southbound one 28 north and peabody is closed for roadworks will seek unaltered around the it gets a little tight passing by it at times but there are still won twenty eight is a clean shot in both directions between puberty in lexington routes three and ninety three or both find in and out of new hampshire four ninety five looks good top to bottom south of the city routes 24 95 for both in good shape and at the cape sagging were bridges clear so is the mid cape highway but times we see just a little bit of volume getting across the board bridge route three is a great right up and down the south's your between the cape and break through the expressways looking good all nine miles around downtown the lower deck in the second bridge or find nothing to worry about a miliver connector getting down on historial drive and the tunnels are all clear out to the west the mass pike is it's good to go between allston ann arbor and route ninety moving right along throw worcester intrusion worry if you see your backup or problem on the roads while the wbz phone force at six one seven two five four forty four hundred next reported seven thirteen on wbz's traffic on the three cbs wednesday l all relevant this is aimed you'll omari at eight angel's memorial hospital less when the patients outnumber the resources it's cough khou black robbery gang amy jo three academy award winner marcia gay harden and rob lowe it with me on this code black cbs wednesday or stream it live or on demand wbz news time seven oh for the fourday.

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