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Got the handicaps on. I usually got the match. I i don't keep what anybody is to bar. I usually just keep the match. Almost exclusively just keep the match and if there's presses and then at the end in terms of adding them up i don't add up number my number i do actually just add up by over so i usually can remember which whole like what the pars of someone's got like a six four. I just not to. And then i just go to what they are over and add that to thirty six or whatever it is and then that's dots their number so that's usually Okay there's almost always a rise in break ins during the holidays might not know that. But now you do. I'm not trying to scare you. I'm just trying to provide you with important information. So that you and your family remain safe. That's actually why simply safe home security is having a huge holiday sale. I care about you. They care about your family and your friends. Forty percents off any simplisafe system and free security camera recently. 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Just go to simplisafe dot com slash foreplay Okay mark says. I work at a club up here in canada. Usually get around it after my shift. The course wasn't too busy. So i was just the course Wasn't that busy. So i his jumping around from hold whole of the cart to not interrupt the offers that were out there. I ended up playing the entire around. But i played the holes out of order. Got my first ever a hole in one on the eleventh hole but it was the seventh hole that had played that. I get my first ever whole yes. Yeah there's no hotter scenario on the show then whether or not people were giving people ones or not in this one usually were pretty tight with it. will that has loosened since to be on the show got hold ones at the cradle. But i would think this one. Yes it's i think it's an absolutely yes. You played eighteen holes. The you may have played them out of order but who cares. So i can't even think of the other side of this argument like i don't even know what like gin the counterpoint. Like someone's gonna come out and say like you played out of order. It's like well. You can play back nines out like at. What point is this. This is getting ridiculous. I mean that's just one played teen holes. That's account ones giving him grief over this person's wrong right. Just write that person's just no longer play in like a shotgun start and start on. Hold six. Jim yeah counts. It just got up and tournament on ten. Yeah weather delay on that same tournament where you start fan then restart on like six so congratulate. What's his name mark. They it you were looking around your back trying of the counter okay. I think i was trying to come up with the car. I was trying to think of I was trying to present something that would be similar my mind that like i thought maybe you guys would actually be against counting it to basically play devil's advocate and get a rise out of you but i could offer nick. I was kinda thinking of I was like what if somebody just goes out and plays like they're like oh after work. I'm gonna play like warren whole real quick. I got whatever they live of course and they just go see off on a par three and mae like get a hole in one and then they're like shit. I guess i'll play some more whole and so that kind of counts is gonna be like. Does that count. Of course would count. So i don't. I don't i don't really think there's a good counter. I think it's just a no brainer. One one no brainer Got this is a good one. I've actually had this one on the list for a long time. Brian says how long after a tournament do you think the players get paid and how mail the check direct deposit etc And this was after. I believe it was like right around the time. That more cholewa one This guy sent this one any more college. Just keep checking his bank account for like a day or two waiting to see like one point nine million dollars in his bank ago. The only way. I would. I want i know having been around with his When he on sunday when he finished his tournament that he literally gets a text message from the pga tour like texting accounts. That wants all. The groups had finished and the pads official. He gets text message with like what places finished and how much money that he made. Which is pretty fucking cool and we relied. I think it was the I know it was tv. She scottsdale last year. The phoenix open. Maybe it's two years ago. Maybe it might have been a couple of years. But but i think it was last year and anyways the kids finish up and it was a male or do that at super bowl sunday. So it's like you want to get like some beers and watch the super. Yeah absolutely and while we were like sat down and starbucks in the super bowl gets tax if he was just like fifty seven thousand this week. Wait what and he's like. Yeah get this thing and he just showed me that you just get a tax. I don't know when it actually gets the positive. But i imagine it's probably next morning. We have all the money. Ford direct deposit. Think right you check these are say. Check this thing. Back in the heyday. Trent were actually they would. They'd right go to your dining hammered toler in the teller with looking bids stamp it and beyond your way a liar. Your gear lying. you know. there's you know the world existed before the internet and and your little phones tablets. I wonder how long it took them. If they had a male out. These fucking jackson not getting the bet sunday now. I think they were pretty fish. I think you'd argue. It's not a direct deposit. Yeah i think it was somewhat efficient. You don't know do now. you're making shut up. It couldn't have been like it couldn't have been to the point where people like didn't get their money in a reasonable time. No but i mean could have just maybe waiting around. After they gave out check business days couple business days throw it right in the mail gets there. I mean it's not instantaneous. You aren't getting fucking text message. Sure couple business days. I'll five business days at the most you got. That sounds like you miss checks. I don't. I'm just gonna actually miss. And i haven't done it in a minute. I used to do a long time to a little at than fucking bank up the tubes. Come back raleigh pumps on that thing. Would they drop a couple of they drop a couple of lollipops in there. What day with that thing went away. It's got to hurt the lollipop. Business lollipop this the walk. I don't know that i've been handle sugar. Well as a kid. You're off the walls they probably gave you your meyer. Your pa papa. Did they slipped in their pocket for themselves later. My dad's dad said the help me.

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