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The KTAR h Gulf Coast windows dot com. Twenty four hour traffic center. It will be an active into the weekend on the Sunday with showers and thunderstorms likely from this morning or the afternoon where we the risk for a few severe thunderstorms. Also, some heavy downpours issue to a rain may fall today with high seventy six showers and storms move out this evening overnight clearing, the low of sixty two sunny with high Eighty-one tomorrow sunny and warmer Tuesday with a high in the mid eighties. I'm Jeff marr from the Weather Channel. There's rain coming seventy one right now in Galveston at seventy two on the woodland Seventy-three Sugarland seventy two at the KTAR h top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center. KTAR age news time is six. Oh one. Well, they got rowdy in Lubbock last night as Texas crowns, new sports hero in new legends of dawn. Vexes tech is going to this one out. Red raiders are gonna go where Texas Tech team. Going to the national championship game or teams battled to determine who would play in the men's college basketball championship tomorrow night in the red raiders are in Texas tag beat Michigan state Spartans convincingly, sixty one fifty one Texas Tech head coach Chris Baird says they came to play hard terms of our players, and there's really happy for these guys. We we knew we weren't going out tall Michigan state. But we wanted to try to match their toughness, Dan, Virginia Auburn game ended with a little bit of controversy. Hero four holds the all six tenths of a second left. Here afford throws it in caught Brown. Sixty three Auburn sixty to the Cavaliers will play for their first national championship on the facts of three three throws with one seconds of ways. So the red raiders gonna face Virginia Cavaliers championship game. Both teams going for their first national title tip off eight twenty tomorrow night. And then keeping this theme going. We're talking basketball this morning, and there's more who backs and for the ladies Notre Dame enters this afternoon as the reigning champs of women's college hoops as the Irish to become the first school since Yukon to win consecutive titles uconn won four in a row from two thousand thirteen to twenty sixteen the Irish could be the first team that isn't the huskies to do. So since Tennessee's repeat in two thousand eight standing in their way, the top seed over on the women's hoops tournament Baylor who overcame Oregon in the final four to earn their third visit to the national championship in program history. The lady bears have one in their previous final appearances. Matt Napolitano, Fox News AT are h news time is six. Oh, three the man. Big story. We were expecting this. Weekend was going to be the rain gonna be the weather storms and golf ball sized hail to the north of us. We missed most of the storm action. So far the important words being so far. There are more storms coming up from the south that could be impacting us in a little while stands. Now. Looking at the weather channel's hour by hour, the Houston area can expect the rain arriving. Let's say maybe nine or ten o'clock this morning so plan your weekend chores accordingly or are you going to be filling up anytime soon that's gonna cost you gas prices in Texas. They're up almost fifty cents since the start of twenty nine thousand nine AAA Texas. People are paying an average of forty six cents more today than they were in January due to the increase demand of falling gas dock this statewide average is two forty eight which is about a quarter list than the national average of two seventy one Rachel Estrada. Newsradio seven forty KTAR h wrestlemainia makes history. Sixty matches are set for wrestlemainia thirty five, but the main event is a match that's making. History with smackdown women's champ, Charlotte flare raw women's champ, Ronda Rousey, and Royal rumble winner, Becky Lynch, taking part in the main event another moment adding to the history of the event the chance for Kofi Kingston to add his name to the shortlist of black heavyweight champion face to face in WWE history. If he does he falls in line bright billow, Dwayne the rock Johnson triple h taking on a Teesta match years in the making nearly eighty thousand expected to jam MetLife stadium. It all begins on the WWE network starting at seven, Michelle Pollino, Fox News. News on demand. Dad, K T R H dot com. We're gonna have another update.

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