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If you want them to be yours one day you have to show me a strong enough to carry them. This when star anyone we know will no. You're gonna know him His name is simos view and he plays shonky this is the latest installment in the marvel. Cinematic universe that great juggernaut of superhero movies. That's been going on. Ever since captain. America and iron man appeared some ten years ago. Well captain america and iron man had sort of retired and so they're bringing in news. Superheroes takes their place in this universe and This one who is introduced in this film Is a guy named shawn. Chee who comes from a comic book That was fairly popular back in the seventies and early eighties called master of kung fu In the comic book he was the son of fu manchu of all people who turned against his father when he found out. What an evil person he was. They've gotten rid of the fu manchu name. But it's still a father son. Conflict tale in which this young man is pitted against a fellow now called win. Woo played by tony. Leon who is thousand-year-old warrior. Who has these ten magical bracelets that give him. Almost astronomical power and also immortality and cianci has to overcome his father in to save the world from eight terrible dark force That's encased in a mystical chinese land Village called tallow this film is actually a lot of fun. the martial arts action in. It is very good cemil. You is very talented in the physical department But he's also an engaging actor and he's accompanied by aquafina the young comedian who plays his best. Buddy san francisco born and bred in kind of reckless and Wise cracking throughout the whole movie. it's a good time Enhanced also by ben kingsley who plays a rather preening english actor in the phil. It's a good time until the last twenty minutes or so when you get the obligatory big fight scene with lots of cgi and awkward action But up until that point. This is one of the better marvel superhero movies and it has a very ingratiating hero at the center of it. I'm afraid that his individuality will be sometimes Somehow swamped when he's folded into the larger marble. Picture of the universe But for the time being we should take An enjoy what we've got and sean She and the legend of the ten Rings is actually pretty pretty fun. It's available incidentally only in theaters unlike the previous installment black widow. They're not showing this on disney plus at the same time. So you've got venture out to the theaters to see it And i'd say it's worth the trip. I was looking at this. And is it lou lou. Yeah he is. actually in. Kim's convenience was actually love on netflix. right he's a canadian chinese actor Not very well known except for the show you mentioned but i think this is really going to make him a star our next up. We've got A bold new take on a traditional story in this one. I saw a trailer and i. It got my attention. Because when i was little and i'm talking sixty well yes sixty years ago. One of my favorite movies was walt disney's cinderella am afraid they're going to go in modernize this and screw it up. But here's a to make sure you're not tools done properly it. We shall hold of boll usual find bryant some cinderella. You don't need to go to the ball stepmother. I spent weeks making this dress. Future depends on about it right. Yeah you're right. They modernized it in. Screwed it up a musical but it's a jukebox musical. Most of the songs in it are old. Re purposed popular hits So it opens up with an ensemble number to janet jackson's rhythm nation and later on your here. Madonna's material girl recycled for The step mother and her two daughters and cinderella in this show is a feminist icon. She she goes to the ball eventually but not because she wants to beat the prince but because she wants to be a fashion lanista address designer and she looks up on the ball as a way of making business contact rather than arranging a marriage So this this is a feminist jukebox musical slant on cinderella and for me. At least it didn't work at all it has a nice lead performance by camila cabello as cinderella. She's got a lot of spunk. Reminded me of edward line from Mary tyler moore show you know you got spunk. I hate spunk. Well she's got a lot of spunk in this movie. Pierce brosnan appears as the old king. The stern old king in this movie the one saving grace of the i o. I'd say seventy five percent of the movies that he doesn't sing unfortunately as a song at the end and his voice. As you'll remember from mom is absolutely terrible and so you have to cover your ears when that show is up james corden the tv host. plays one of the mice transformed into a footman for cinderella. He also helped produce this movie But i must say. I was terribly disappointed. In in this version of cinderella. It reminded me to of that. Lovely old disney animated feature from nineteen fifty. I called it in my review. Bitty bobby bad what i think about this movie which is available on amazon prime. All right. let's move onto an american science fiction films set in the near future. It's called zone. Four one.

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