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Nine. The news is next on news ninety six five uses news ninety six point five db. Oh, Orlando turns first for breaking news, weather, and traffic. Four hours a day eight starts now. One o'clock news ninety six point five WDBO watching few showers breakout. On the east side. I'll update John radar and half a minute. Our top local story, universal, Orlando's new Harry Potter, themed rollercoaster opened this week. Visitors waited in line for hours to ride it and we checked on wait times today for hey, grids magical creatures motorbike adventure. It's about six hours. There is an option. Universal officials said it would start letting people hold a spot in line using its virtual line program, so that people can enjoy other parts of the park while they wait. Still, the park says visitors can expect lines to belong for quite a while. I'm Jamie homes for news ninety six point five WDBO. You can check out fan reaction to the ride. You'll find it at the news ninety six point five w. Yup. News ninety six point by WDBO Orlando turns first for severe weather showers possible over the next couple of hours with thunderstorms likely closer towards dinnertime from channel nine eyewitness news, meteorologist Cassandra. Creamy news onto six point five WDBO rocked, whether radar shows showers are in the east side. They're just to the east of Orlando international airport, and other range. Our overdue Ian park veto would her springs, getting some rain and you could see some showers and Sanford pretty soon right down. We've got some scattered showers. It's cloudy, eighty seven you know, Leno updating our breaking news from earlier deputy involved shooting in Osceola county sheriff's office says they found it abandoned vehicle near Poinciana and Reeves early this morning later, a man was seen hiding into wooded area near by they say that man later identified as forty one year old Zachary dollar ran aggressively at the deputy. The deputy then shot dollar once dollar an hour, hospitalized Florida Department. Law enforcement is investigating. It's one zero to news ninety six point five WDBO. I'm Clark Howard, the guy helping you keep more of the money you make. And this is where Orlando turns first for breaking news, weather, and traffic. News ninety six five WDBO weather brought to you by US heating and air conditioning, muggy and warm, to start the day with temperatures in the seventies, but through the.

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