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Him at the point has to go back and do his own zone to get the puck off the boards now for Alexander Kirkwood almost blew a tire place back now for San Gerardo. Franken ankle center, I'm Sam Gerard leelanau for corresponder ghetto. He aim fires wide go outside of Celeski rebound all the way around a three on one per Tampa. It's a third line. They play it back shot. It's over the top of the nets, Sara Lee and galore and couldn't make a connection. The puck sports all the way down the ice as icing is waved off pass. Let's get to try and play it, circuit chevelle and the ads dodge bullets Gerard joined the raw she was down wall got tied up with their goaltender. That's why he was not part of that last rush circuits had to the point. It's Coburn throws through traffic never made the Semyon Varlamov blocked out high by who else, but he and Kohl in the puck is now at center ice for the ads circuit Cheb, former Montreal Canadian down beef Japan pie goal right into escape cement Calvert. And he'll shovel at the center for girls Soderbergh. That on his one back to the point for Philip wine ever made it towards the net tried again, Segun timers. Sort of a three iron it goes wide to the stick side. Rebounds leftie now the apps have a two on one. It's matinee matinee backhand pass tried to throw it in front, but it's circuit Jeff is down the block a pass back though girls Soderbergh to the park corner permit. He's not down to the ice by circuit, Jeb fans. Wanna call? They're not gonna get it. Doing rains down. They might have a point. Mika ranted check inside the alternative zone finally.

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