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Four degrees at three oh three I'm Gerry Hotchkiss on newsradio ten eighty KRLD the lawyer for former fort worth police chief is taking the city the cord over his termination fort worth fire Joel fitz Gerald amazing he was guilty of work related misconduct fitz Gerald then filed a whistleblower lawsuit saying his termination was retaliation for him notifying the FBI fort worth was not in compliance with the criminal justice information system fitz Gerald lawyer said the chief is entitled to a public hearing about the termination the city rejected his request for hearing and Stephen Kennedy said another request last night saying he'd go to court if for fourth not agree to the hearing by this morning this morning he filed for a temporary restraining order in the junction to keep the city for naming a permanent replacement saying that will prevent fitz Gerald from getting any remedy the judge scheduled a hearing for one o'clock this afternoon Alan sky and his radio to maybe okay well the more than three thousand federal inmates are being released as part of first of the first step back Mitch Carr reports a law passed last year on a bipartisan vote aimed in part at reducing the sentences for nonviolent drug offenders Thane Rosenbaum is CBS news legal analyst specifically with the racial injustices in the balances from African Americans being disproportionately punished for drug laws in particular during the old seventies crack laws it was very clear that white Americans who were arrested for having cocaine were were punished almost ten times less of the early the next phase involves evaluating other federal prisoners who might get reduced sentences metrocard news radio ten eighty KRLD.

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