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He was actually on the phone with our friend and i was in the room and it was on speaker and we were all three having a conversation he was talking about coming back the taxes to go hunting but there's no way in the world that he could tell anyone i i know any large involve yet he was associated with an hollywood yet he was coming back he tells people he would at that time he told people he was coming back to visit his mom but he actually has a ranch in the hillcountry our taxes than at some of the you know best hunting in in the region and big i just i don't know where you can where you draw that line because there's there is no wet for a lot of them it would be it's the end you know they're there there are some that are are very i think that would have been very open uh you know and and especially here lately um but you a tom selleck but tom selleck isn't i don't know that he's like politically active to the point of you know just being over the top as a conservative right even with the whole thing with them with rosie o'donnell the nra and the day right you know that wasn't i didn't think he had you know uh smug attitude or or anything i'll know now you know but but it's it's got beal it has to be impossible right now since trump became president there's i i don't know that there there's an angry that you could and when i talk about you know but taylor it's nothing that he hasn't told me on the air mmhmm us at that when i do my local show used to come on all the ts to search me out there and and and so he it it what what am i greatest memories is an app when you were talking about hell or high water which i have and watch at it still i i still have got to watch it's been rent seen in there and at a my dvr for the last month um uh i when i sought when i've seen the trailer of it i keep thinking as it sorta like.

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