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Found this out by trying it out in Alaska I wouldn't own otherwise. But because I didn't get cut down to like twenty below and test some stuff, but it never got cold enough really in northern Maine this past winter to test the Alaska conditions prior to my trip. So I I ended up the the final product was three. Pairs of wool blend or poly blend long underwear on top of each other. The Fleece Pants. And on top of the fleece pants, the wool pants, the lightweight will pants. So essentially five pant layers. Hundred. Percent Comfort hundred percent warmth forty fifty blow in Alaska. Still stayed warm. I actually did have for riding on snowmobile sometimes, the wind would kinda blow through the wool and the the The fleece a little bit not wasn't too bad but occasionally I did I did bring a pair of rain pants as Shell to sort of the wind in that on some days where we had long snow mobile rides. So so I did that as well but for a lot of the the wool that that five layer was just perfect. Occasionally I would have that sixth layer. So. The the the base let's get into the base layers. I had three of them, and this was something that I struggle with a bit at first because I, I never really thought about wearing one on top of the other. Wearing three total. and. It kind of came about by necessity. So what I wanted to do is get a really. High quality pair. Of. Pants. Of thermal underwear that would be super warm because I had a few pairs of the they were were. They called polar. Think they're polar Max Fleece base layers herb poll. Yeah. Whatever they were. They were some sort of blend and they were they were okay. But they weren't super thick in other. Sorry. They're they're cold proof co L. D. P. R.. U. F. and I had some that those are what I will wear appear typically northern Maine in the wintertime. And I had I'd wear one pair with the. The fleas being pants in the wool pants. Go outside a little bit I. You know this might be a little bit cold maybe snide try to pairs and and you know that was okay. But still bit chilly. So I decided to look around for one of the that the warmest highest quality that I could find and what I, what I found was the. High. Quality Merino Wool. Base layer Long underwear were super super expensive, but super comfortable. And? Very very very high views Afars performance and what I ended up finding was a brand called wool, X., W., o. l., X.. And we'll ex made these long underwear bottoms. That there. There were over one hundred bucks. Okay. These are very expensive but I was reading all the reviews and people are saying you the warmest long underwear I've ever worn these things are so super comfortable. They're super warm they. They fit great Actually some people said there too long which was perfect for me because I want most of mine minor too short 'cause I'm I'm pretty tall. and and so like tall skinny people seem to fit.

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