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Zero one so when you know this morning we were talking here work about some of the A. M. the effects of the virus that that a lot of people aren't thinking of Andrew said you know Hey you've got a daughter that's a senior this year and and I noticed that you know her graduation ceremonies canceled her you know all of these things things that are going on we've got a guy here work that's supposed to get married in four weeks going on a honeymoon I mean all of these things there's impacts that just go go way deeper disruptions and distortions and we we actually created a Facebook group so we have a Facebook page you can go to our Facebook group it's called financial enhancement group financial tidbits and if you go to that I've recorded over an hour now here's what we think is going on in the market and the economy not normal stuff that we talk about here on the radio some of the people in the audience were our families that we take care of some people were knew that are friends of ours but that was one of the questions that was actually posed by my daughter that A. and she's bringing up right now and can ask in the thing you know what do you tell a a college senior right now yeah and I said she's come a long way baby and she texted me because she didn't know that was an expression people that know that well yeah I mean because we've got those kind of things going on I mean that are just disappointing but then we've got other things going on that can be life changing we've got servers at restaurants that may be living paycheck to paycheck probably aren't living probably I would I certainly was back at that stage of my life me too when I was working at McDonald's on Wednesday and when Wednesday Windies you know it's I mean that I I get that and I I put out in a release today that a that this the food service industry may be changed forever because those people are gonna have to find something to do most US restaurants do not have the cash flow to be able to pay people to stay home and we're gonna talk about in segment one some of the stimulus and some of the other things that are being offered right now short term anyway Hey if you got a question or comment and if you're out there in your challenge and your suffering we get it we get it totally without that I I've this is a this is a very weird time and please remember part of the challenge with the market is the speed with which it dropped today is no different as I record this the the markets off another two thousand points so far right now and we're we're not near closing yet so your question or comment you can call in G. at eight hundred nine two eight four zero zero one we reduce financial regrets we do that by taking care of families who don't want to worry about their money I think everybody's worried.

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