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This is fox news K. results good morning I'm Jacquelyn Scott and Katie okay new center and this is Oklahoma's first news cloudy but mild today our forecast is coming up a big win for Joe Biden in Oklahoma he won yesterday's democratic presidential primary with about thirty eight percent of the democratic vote Bernie Sanders trailed with twenty five percent of the democratic voter Michael Bloomberg had about fourteen percent president trump easily swept the Republican primary with more than ninety two percent of the vote voters decide liquor stores can be open on Sundays and seven counties here's Megan bishop grocery and convenience stores can sell beer and wine in grocery and convenience stores seven days a week I am now liquor stores in seven counties can be open seven days a week as well now it won't be at all seventy seven counties but voters in Cleveland creaking Fisher most gogi Oklahoma Tulsa and Washington counties all yesterday said yes to allowing liquor stores to be open on Sundays Oklahoma City voters rejected a proposal to add a permanent one eight percent sales tax for parks voters defeated the measure by more than fifty two percent had it passed the tax would have been used for parks operated by the city but not for city owned parks like scissor tail and the myriad botanical gardens that are operated by non governmental foundations residents already pay a one eighth cent sales tax for the Oklahoma City zoo one of three quarter cent tax for public safety from the kicking okay weather center on the forlorn stormteam cloudy today will get up to the mid sixties guys will start clearing tonight will drop to the mid forties for more news listen to the daily diet the big news stories explained not shouted listen to the daily diet each day on the I heart radio app or wherever you get your favorite podcasts I'm Jacquelyn Scott news radio one thousand Katie okay newsradio one thousand Katie okay studios or service of universal men's clinic for medical solutions for Edie yellow teeth learn more at universal men's clinic dot com a coffee maker a dishwasher and a water heater just some of the appliances in the Matthews mansion that have been ruined by hard water I'm Leigh Matthews and if your home's water tastes bad or smells bad or if hard waters ruining your appliances do what I did call the pros at pelican water systems now for your free water test their America's.

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