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Universe to me that's the grand question and in order to answer that question we will probably need to go and visit eurobond that's why we started the europa clipper we will need to go and visit enceladus we will need to build telescopes that can look at planets around other stars and all of these missions are you know by any definition large strategic missions flagships and will be expensive but if that's what it takes to answer that question and many more it's worth it and let's not forget that going to the outer planets is certainly the best way to get the most detailed information but we will uh in a little over a year launched the james webb space telescope and it is so capable to observe saturn saturn's moons neptune your s even diminutive pluto and of course jupiter's moons that it's almost like having a mission going to those planets at i think we are going to be startled at how useful that is for learning more about these an enigmatic worlds this mission obviously it's legacy was is shared by thousands of people you are certainly part of that group is there any place else you would have wanted to be today as you know your listeners know i'm i'm retired from nasa now and so i came here on a personal trip i really wanted to be here to be part of this because in a we love cassini in a long live cassini john legimate it thank you john grunsfeld astronaut and former nasa associate administrator we congratulate the five thousand men and women of the cassini mission for a job well done you can hear many more of them in the podcast version of this week's show at planetary dart work slash radio and either more next week as we throw a party for cassini.

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