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Jim and they were saying, Wow, we don't really know how to, you know, get out on guard Jason Tatum on those three pointers like we really struggled to keep up with Boston's wings. We heard that from bread Brown before he was let go. We heard that from jail and be himself and you look at Brooklyn's perimeter firepower. There is no team that you know. Better position to really push your perimeter defense more than the Brooklyn Nets. I mean, these guys score from every single spot. It's amazing. The impact of those three stars has had on all of their role players. I mean, Jeff Green looks revitalized. He had a great game against Golden State. DeAndre. Jordan Absolutely is looking more effective on offense. Since this James Harden trade then before the James Harden trade because he just gets the feast on these easy pick and roll dunks, and their shooters are so open all the time, Chip. I mean, guys like Joe Areas are eaten good, real good. They just fit in So nice around the Brooklyn star. So to me, I'm taking Brooklyn in the East. And I do think they probably have a move or two to make by the deadline just to shore up that playoff rotation and get it right. And I think they will. Then golfer is joining us. So Ben Mask about the mellow ball 28 games in he's averaging 15 6 and six What do you make of what you've seen from him so far? Well, definitely better than I expected. Anybody who tells you different lying, you know, I think there was a lot of skepticism or a lot of let's see it on the NBA court first, remember, he hadn't played basketball for basically a year before he actually got to join the Charlotte Hornets. You know, just because of you know, Colvin and his stint in Australia and everything else, So there was a real question around the league about okay. What exactly is this guy going to be able to do? On top of that you needed to know how many compromises was he gonna have to make with his style of play? Everybody saw those videos and high school. He's shooting from half court throwing these crazy passes. Is he really going to be locking, you know, able to lock in focus on play, You know, NBA quality to away basketball. I actually think that the style of play this year has played to his benefit overall in the N B. A. You're seeing lots and lots of high scoring games. Lots of loose just attacked the basket type style from different teams. I think apart because you know, these guys are playing so many games in such a short time period. We're not exactly getting a lot of defense of grinders out there. You know, It's a lot of shoot outs in the night tonight basis, so that helped set him up for success. But so much of what he does well has translated. His shot has actually looks better than I expected, which opens up everything for him on offense. He's an unbelievable highlight level pasture. People have seen that in the open court on the lobs, but even the half court too. I mean, he just has a really nice touch. He knows how to wait the ball. He knows how to slide it through multiple defenders, and he makes pretty good decisions for a player as young as he is. No. Charlotte has been looking for an identity for a long time. I mean, they really haven't. I mean, even with Kemba Walker there a few years ago, it really wasn't that type of name that type of presence that would put them on the national stage. I think if you're coming around to next year, and you're circling some of those big national TV days, maybe not Christmas, you know, But you know, maybe some early week opening week Action or Martin Luther King Jr Day or Something's other MBA holidays. They like to highlight. I wouldn't be surprised at all. If LEM L A ball has the Charlotte Hornets on games like that call for joining us, Ben one more topic before I lose. You look at the East. Celtics start 500. You raised the question on the open floor podcast. But do you think they're kicking themselves for not keeping Gordon Hayward? Well, I think you got asked this second guessing type questions right now has anything gone well for them this season? It's just been one thing after another. You know, I've been hearing from Celtics fans always ask him like, what are you most frustrated about? Some will say, you know, Tristin. Thompson wasn't exactly what we thought we were getting. You know, the idea of Tristan Thompson coming over in the off season to help out the front court wasn't quite as as good as what they had hoped. I think some other people would say, Well, you know Gordon Hayward. It was a weird fit. But you know, now that we've had all these injuries or guys air in and out of the lineup, or maybe Jason Tatum misses a little time for the health protocols. All the sudden, you really miss Ah, Player and Gordon Hayward, who you thought maybe was expendable. Previously, I think some other people would point the finger at Campbell Walker and say this season coming back off of any issue. He just hasn't been the same guy and their entire formula is relying upon him being like a star level player in the backwards Get it done. So I'm seeing a lot of panic. A lot of frustration from the Celtics fans, especially because there are 500 right now they just take a loss of the Washington Wizards. I mean, that will make you look in the mirror and start to ask the big questions. Then I will say this the number one thing I see missing from the Celtics lately. It's Marcus Smart. I mean, I know this guy is not like a top 10 top 15 level player, but they are so much better when he's on the court. He does all the little things winning players like the Celtics fans like to call it, but he also covers up for so many of his teammates. Mistake's. I mean, he's just so good and unselfish at doing that. You know to me, I think what they can get him back from this leg injury. Things will look different, but I do think coming into this season. I expected Boston to kind of only Eastern Conference to me. The Brooklyn Nets took that away from them with the James Harden trade, and now they're sort of lesson this spot. Well, are we true contenders? Are we just hoping to be contenders do we have to play for next year? Those kinds of existential questions. They weren't expecting that this year, you know, coming off of the Eastern Conference finals, and so I do kind of put Boston in that category. One of the biggest disappointment to the league Franklin right. He is a national NBA writer for The Washington Post, the author of Bubble Ball. You Want To Look for that? It's coming Out May host of Grace of all Talking MBA Show host of Open floor Podcast, Ben Gulliver Band. Great to get Caught Up with you. Thanks so much for doing that. I don't do it again soon. Sounds great, man. Ticker. Take care well done. 1 806 368686. All right, So it sets up like this. Now we're open until 10 40. 10 41 40 Jordan Palmer joins me at that time He is the founder of QB summit working with troubled Lawrence and others that's coming up. In fact, we'll go back to back at that part of the program, so this is the best time to get through. Jordan Palmer, then Clark Lee topped the third hour between now and then lots to get to Kind of a harsh thing to call somebody a loser, but The rain. Gross is acting like a loser. Don't wanna come right out and say she is a loser, but I must say she's acting like a loser get a little carried away with the Lombardi Trophy..

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