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The country. Some good news, though, from our neck of the woods, town manager in Provincetown, Alex Moore says active cases from that big Fourth of July cluster are on the way down, he says. Now just 23 people have an active case of Covid positivity rate down to 1.5% now is more businesses require us to show a proof of vaccination to get in schools as well. Many colleges Growing business is starting to boom. We're talking about fake covid vaccine cards. Some sellers on websites are asking almost $500 for fake vaccine cards, certificates and passports. In April, attorneys general in almost every state asked the CEOs of Twitter Shopify, an eBay to take down ads or links selling the bogus cards. Many sites of blacklisted keywords related to fake cards, but places to buy them are still popping up on messaging. Apps chat for And the dark Web to see EPZA Rita Foley with that report. 4 38. Let's go Talk more business. Bloomberg business Here's andro Day. Rising delta variant worries way down Most stocks on Wall Street today, but not all the Dow lost. 107 S and P 500 lost four. NASDAQ increased 24. Along with restaurants and bars. Gyms were widely expected to come roaring back this spring and summer as people got vaccinated and covid rates began dropping. It didn't happen quite as hoped for one of the biggest names in the gym business. New Hampshire's Planet Fitness swung back to a profit last quarter. Smaller one than forecast. It's also predicting earnings below prior forecast for the full year, thanks in part to the Delta variant and the reinstatement of mask mandates in a growing number of U. S cities. Andrew wrote Bloomberg Business on WBZ Boston's NewsRadio Thanks, Andrew 4 39. You might be wondering why it's so hard to find your child a therapist these days. I'll tell you why coming up after traffic and weather together at 4 43. Your place of work is open to interpretation these days, But your.

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