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And if you're not there, you might be picking goofy. It's all I can say for you Pitkin goofy award this week and go to mini deserving idiots. And we'll start off by talking about the undisciplined players and the LSU Texas game. Yeah. Another go seven seven overtimes its highest scoring game in NCWA college football history. But the embarrassment of the ridiculous fisticuffs and boorish behavior. Overshadows the great game in my view. I don't know what it's going to take understand what it's going to take to settlers, Dan, from coaches, the players the responsible the administration. So these various entities have got to drop a set of fallings and do the right thing and set these people down for a while. That's one thing that's going to get get their tension. Take their toys away from the can't go play any more can't coach anymore not forever. But there's no penalty than what's going to stop. What's going to tale? It nothing. Nothing. It was just an ugly way to end a classic Walt ballgame. That's all. Perhaps a Teke goofy. It could easily be considered the creative between Drake maverick and Bobby rude to retaliated dudes, folks, really talented. I think it'd be better serve with non urinary tract storyline. It's just the the fan base ws getting older. I wonder how many think that's funny. An angle based in urine p. The mic sense to me. And I thought made Bobby look bed. He took his eye off the biggest baddest team land. Lease there were hoping to look at. Drake, maverick urinate, wink, wink, into into the stool where the beautiful rogue glorious robe was placed. I don't know what am I supposed to? Who else angry at Bob is the ball? Bobby for apparently thinking that the rogue is more important than winning the tag titles. That's a signal. Got perception got I'm right or wrong. And right now Drake maverick is getting more heat in the star the whole storyline. Is that what you wanted? Just ask him. I sent a tweet out about the rest are Hector for is has lashes revoked because he's the guy that through that concrete block from the ring and hit his opponent in the head that fractured skull could kill him. Well, he's had is Mexican professional boxing and wrestling commission. They have had has been revoked. That's not a guy. He may be a great guy. I don't know. But his actions are not very stable. Not at all. But the winner the Pitkin goofy war goes to the production crew, responsible for broadcasting the Tiger Woods. Phil Mickelson challenge. The match. Not to be confused with the game or the showdown the match favor of you died a natural death. The streaming issues led to free access online. The.

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