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I'll be even less convicted about some things that oh well that's good. It's not good. I know a know it all nine now. I know it's not gonna be sure of yourself a memory from the of a movie you haven't seen in twenty years. I just went should never be that sure sure. I know that was strange. That i really like stuck to my guns on that anyway. Speaking of sticking to your guns. Adam was also in mr and mrs smith. Oh how about that. Pretty good segue those two stuck to their guns in that movie. Is it fair to say. Thank you for smoking. Oh i thought you were saying that to me. Have you seen it a lot. He's been a lot a lot of stuff a lot of great work. Adam is a very natural actor. He's very off the cuff. He we talked about it with his some of that dialogue. He added the. Oc was kind of dense that stuff that t some that tv writing. It was a little bit like dawson's creek. Yes it certainly was. Who is Came out a couple years after the right. Maybe three and it was time again to talk about but just for some context for younger listeners. it was a time where the ton of teen shows. There was a teen boom in hollywood and That's how i got my start and a lot of other. Young actress was good. Time to be young actor. And adam Was one of those guys that came out of that time. And he's he's continuing to thrive. He's got a new family with another wonderful young actor. Late miester hopefully future guests. Yes friend another friend who is yet to be a friend of the show to theme so far in this introduction but Let's get into it. Yes please out. This is adam. Rhody be andrine sweetheart.

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