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It seems like this. The sister with the house is very much going like. I don't really want to stay here. Yeah and if that's the case then you should just let your sister know that like. I think you'd be better at a hotel when you come visit. Stay in a hotel. Yeah because she'd be getting towels all the Tulsi warm bed. Why the West five jurors? There's well I don't know what she's she doesn't seem to be offering much. Yeah and and I think it's time that all of you move tord getting off your parents paying for your phone bill as well. Yeah I understand. My parents paid for my phone bill. A little too long your parents pay from one phone bill through this day and I appreciate it but the moment I finally made full financial independence I got married. Phaser pitchman feel real. You feel really good. Yeah Yeah Yeah you do now. Why am if she doesn't look Wi fi is an important porton? Sing for a lot of people's jobs and everything so you need to you know if it was like you're stealing cable that you watched like once in a while like oh there's a show on. HBO That I you know. Watch once in a while. I'm like okay you know steal that. It's a Freebie take it but if it's when you're using every day all day or whatever pay just pay for it. Yeah Yeah I think so you gotta let your sister use it. I think you'll free your mind up. I think you won't be so anxious I don't know if you are but I think you might be. Yeah and then and maybe get wi fi at your house and every once in a while while you're out you need to connect to some xfinity then you can use your free but I just think like entity war. Yeah AH business. Is it part of a rowing through and this is only you have to be a flexible human. If you're going to be able to hold down relationships okay. We have to adapt to one another in this world. The fight the fiber gloss. What is it called micro fiber towel? Yes you know. That's not gonNA gotta fly forever with whoever maybe you you end up with. How good is it gonNA feel? She got herself a big fluffy towel. Yeah I know and now the one thing I think the sisters being a little bit ridiculous about the bathroom. No that's the thing that's when I'm like if she wants certain things but but then not yeah I do have to step back and go well. She also doesn't you know there's no towel for right so she needs bathrobe is a is a step too. Far seems reasonable until bathroom bathrobe. You Sister Yeah Yeah I personally can. She can towel is it is for the guests all all of them. Yes it's if you were a guest in someone's house near like here my guest bathrobe you'll be like yeah well unless it was white and you bleached it out every time you know and it was a nice. I need to get a new. I love my bathroom but I went into getting right over there a man. Oh No. That's my today because I've got my big jacket on good well. I hope that helped. Please really fun I a give and thank you for writing. I know we haven't got into this yet. But so where can people listen to cut and run audible cut and run. It's there it's I am an ardent audible subscriber. You can just listen to it. It's it It's an option for you and if you aren't an uncle. Subscriber Cohen Subscribe to a Free Week Week. Or something you got or you probably have free week code somewhere over that. That willing- goes out to tearing Teheran's said he he doesn't like that we haven't been using the word P- road lately for Promo Code. Oh Yeah trademark demand Lund. Yes Pro Diop Promo Code but I told him well. We haven't been asked to do any adds a couple months in this episode. You've done your God so Ben. Do you want people to follow you on twitter. Oh yeah because you to good good tweets like the one with the guy that one from before that I said. Yeah Ben acker is is my name my twitter handle is be NAACP KTAR because different got the one with Ian it really. What's going on? I just I'm I have to it along each now. Just y you put in your earrings rings. Earrings Beckham serious. She's running she's running. You have to cut and run though. Oh okay well you can listen to us. 'cause you already are and then you can tell a friend. Join our patriotic for a little for as little as a dollar a month Macho ultra maximum the maximum billion dollars. No no no no no. We don't want we're not being greedy and then you can You can email us. That's your dear. Big Ones your big big ones at the podcasts at shemale dot Com tweet us at the big ones Pod Ben. Thank you so much for being on. Did you have a good time. I feel like did you have a good time with me. We had the time. You're a great Gus Improv. He's fishing fisher. Was Fishermen van. Look at him on his little boat. Hello to catch any compliments yet I did. I wasn't worried. No I know giving you you gave us quality quality. Entertainment gave it to US heart. You gave it to us like a sex Romo yes you did yes you did. They gave it to us like an art to double Ds. Aren't you double D to All right guys. Thanks so much for listening to the.

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