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Juicy out there. I know so ah, you know, just keep informed, and we'll do that here, right, Andrea, grab alive. Hell, yeah, we will. I'm Alberto. Thank you. You gotta live alone. Who are you? And take your cellphone bill. Sorry. Hey, Bill, it's up. Shot John Joints go ahead. Okay, are too young to fall in love the crew and talking about love Van Halen posterized forever Lita Ford and he's right. I chose three hair metal so loudly that metal theme. Absolutely correct. We have nothing to give you but our adulation and prays Thank you very much for winning. You're a genius. I wouldn't go that far. I would, By the way, I don't know if you Ah, you didn't mention this, but I know if you saw it, Mike Tyson, he has coming back. He's coming back to the ring to fight. Roy Jones Junior Roy Jones. Junior, I think is 51 Tyson's in his fifties as well. I just assumed that Mike Tyson is going to murder anybody that he boxes even mean and seeing the videos of him working out. I don't know if there was a gap where he got out of shape, but he looks scary. You know, he and Floyd Mayweather have had beef for years over some sort of raid or arrest or something like that. I don't know what it centers around. How much would you love? To see those Get in a ring. Now. Maybe if he beats Roy Jones, Junior Floyd comes out of retirement and fights Taison now I don't know. And I'm not very in on the weights, and they don't know they're out of their different ways. Yeah, so they'd have to be have to be a catch. Wait, fight or something, But, I mean, you figure Mayweather is significantly younger than Tyson. Right? So I mean, you've got he's got the speed in the age, so maybe they can agree. That the wait you know that has given the way Can you do that in the boxing Commission? Go. Wait. Doesn't matter. I don't know. I don't know if it's harder to get a commission there. Maybe Tyson would have to lose a significant amount of weight. You know, we all know how tough cut bacon be. We do from watching Kingdom so Mike Tyson once branded Floyd Mayweather is a very, very delusional. After he raided himself higher than Mohammed Ali. So I'm looking at some of the reasons why they hate each other. And that seems to be at the top of the list. Yeah, there's also some sort of. I guess Floyd might have convinced some lady to say that that Tyson got inappropriate for many, many years ago, I got a live alone. Hey, Speaking of that hair, mental TV has for John's noise. I was going to tell you the last concert that I went to write before code that I lucked out because it was the beginning of February. All right. Who was it? So I was actually on a cruise on the monsters of rock cruise. And there were 40 ban. Hell, yeah, we're the biggest fans that you saw. So I'll just go through a quick little list. But Tesla's crocus Extremes. Winger Auto autograph. Ah, why in chilly down thin shadow? Why O. Do you say y and tea? Yes, They are amazing, dude, And I know I'm old. I'm young. You're a kid, but I know that's young. Ah, yeah, back went back when alpine stereos were thing and then car CD players just came out my friend Mike Kimble, You blast eyes Honda Civic. Who's this? Sound coming out of the Alpine E and A crossover AMP. We're gonna come back and we want to talk to you teachers out there. We want to talk about teachers as well. Hillsborough County's meeting right now to discuss reopening schools. And there are teachers who are about to get real extreme. As it comes to Their plans to keep themselves safe. In schools. But first here's John setting with some words. It's a tough time lot of people are out of.

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