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A real pleasure welcome in one of the best actors around his name is timothy spall icty stars in a wonderful new film called the journey as i described earlier i feel like it's frost nixon but involving the ira timothy what was it about the material that attracted you to it because i think the the beauty of it is your performance un komiti together that's what really makes this story seeing what was it for you oh well you're woah me it's a profound story about rings and a thing that happened in northern ireland bridge pa the british oil as it which was a big political uh you know a conflict that goes more or less a civil war the only lost ten years and because of this speech processed stopped so these two carriages were a you know in praising the uh and uh much quicken it's where representatives of the two absolute a extreme factions everybody else it for them to why all the offer tuesday more moderate voices in these two guys are in a position in rhode island only then we're gonna have the power to make this peace process work an everybody everybody so it was hopeless because they were representatives of the extreme side i thought this is a judge this film is called the journey 'cause it's a a take on more how this hacking be these two in implacable guys how long but not only did they end up stuff being uh an arch enemies they eventually rtz bigtime joint leaders of the country and friends so it's about that how conflict out you know an impossible conflict can be resolved through the charging of humanity on a certain amount of personal soccer for and your performance is wonderful timothy have such glowering energy and you know your characters so reluctant to make peace with communities caretakers he views him as sapar this iarraidh this terrorist organisation it killed all these women and children had it must have been challenge if you complain that rule you know the beach you have to play to get to the the end result that resolution but how much area nation hostility do present throughout the movie.

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