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Don't care because I shave it But when I shaved my whole hit They grew back with quite a few white hairs. That's cool maybe because you you sold your soul to Breyer's and then he gave me white hair power. Black Leather possessed my soul. Yeah and that's what happened black. I can't afford yeah not yet. And then you become black leather justice so from now on From not from now on but as of right now we're just going to call her friends and have them talk to us or maybe they're not so much our friends. Maybe it's just people we like. People were meeting. We just need guest but let's call. Chelsea blakely very funny girl. Very funny comedian very community. Yeah she's not just some funny girl we know. She's a comedian. He's more than just a funny giant Pablo. I did not see you like that or the one object fine. No you said it that way. And that's how I felt and now you're GONNA go down. You can hear it. All here on the PODCAST. Pablo is is the sex prejudice. Make sense well good. Well good now it is. You created a new way to be biased towards woman. How do you feel all right well? Welcome to what's happening. Did you call her. Is that what's happening now? Just me all right cool so I don't know what happened to Pablo but dude seriously tire king is the shit. I've watched it twice now. Yeah I started doing the by myself because you disappeared on track..

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