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Full than anybody you were, I would have it. Our living room. Isis says those responsible for the attack of the capital should be prosecuted. President Biden today vowing action on stopping gun violence as he remembers the Florida tragedy three years ago more now from Gurnal, Scott. The president said his White House quote won't wait for the next mass shooting to address gun violence. The declaration coming three years to the day after 14 students and three staff members that Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida were killed by a lone gunman. In his statement, the president paid tribute to the 17 victims and their families, whom he said turned grief to purpose in quest of change. Biden called on Congress to craft gun reform measures to include background checks on all gun sales, banning multi round magazines and lifting immunity for gun makers that ad toe weapons on the streets. This is President's Day. That means most federal offices, state and local offices are all closed today. Things will return back to normal tomorrow. In Escondido. Police there today say a teenager's joy ride at her mother's car ended in a crash over the weekend that killed two people. Authorities trying to stop the 13 year old girl who was driving the car. She had a female passenger inside the vehicle. The girl lost control. The car slid into a planter on the east side of the road or an STD Any transfer facility. Police took the girls into custody, then discovered that the car struck two men who appeared to have been homeless and sleeping in the bushes. One pronounced dead at the scene. The other died at the hospital. The 13 year old arrested for D a Y at other charges. A community in mourning after a father and son killed in a car crash this past weekend. Also, the North County had happened and Paul Waner, the high school, Steve and his son, Steven, Parolee were headed home after baseball practice when a 19 year old driver of a car collided with the parolees. Tom Parolee is Steve's brother, he told her party putter 10 news. He hit his first home run in a game about a month ago herself was Grand Slam. It won the game, but I heard it from my brother. I didn't hear it from my godson. Family members and teammates of the to the father and son were inseparable. Police say alcohol and drugs were not a factor. The driver of the other car had minor injuries that cause of exactly what happened and how and why remains under investigation. The average price of a gallon of regular gasoline and set it go county up today for the 25th time and 26 days, increasing 2/10 of a cent to just over $3.50 a gallon, its highest amount since March. 5th Kogan is time you love it. Oh, three. Let's check three ways Now with Cho goes real time Traffic crash.

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