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In 1927 deacons with the first and on Lee African American today to lead the nation's largest city. Ironically, Dinkins gave a speech at the National Press Club in 1990 that seemed to foreshadow the current political climate to crest of the conservative flood has passed. Republicans still occupy the White House. But the conservative coalition has lost its way. Rudy Giuliani defeated Dinkins after just one term in the 1993 mayoral race. Dinkins was 93 years old. President elect Joe Biden has been ascertained by the Trump administration, clearing the presidential transition, but not without some choice words from the head of the General Services Administration and from President Trump. GSC Administrator Emily Murphy, in her letter, insists the White House never pressured her. But right after her letter came out, President Trump tweeted quote. I am recommending that Emily and her team do what needs to be done with regard to initial protocols and have told my team to do the same. BC's chuck fever It's and me time, Biden has made several Cabinet It's many of them making history. Former Fed chair Janet Yellen, his Treasury secretary, the first woman in the role among others at Homeland Security, the first ever Latino nominated his secretary Han drove my orchestra, making clear his would be a very different DHS than during the Trump administration. Tweeting that is an immigrant. He will now protect those who flee persecution in search of a better life for themselves and their loved ones. At the U. N retired career Foreign service diplomat Linda Thomas Greenfield, raised in the segregated South would hold the position of U. N Ambassador NBC's Martha Rabbits. Despite the continuing spread of the Corona virus, and CDC warnings, the T s a reporting some three million travelers passing through security. At the start of the Thanksgiving rush. You're listening to ABC news, so right now may be the perfect.

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