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Laughed out loud but was it funny? I. Think it's a laugh or you'll cry type of thing I also think everyone should celebrate turning fifty because it's no small feat you have to earn it. It takes decades and I've had a very full life. I've had scabies hooping cough and PTSD from my feet touching the bottom of the lake at sleep away Camp I've dropped diamonds down the drain by accident I've broken numerous glass bonds one full length mirror in college and too many boundaries to count I. Once watched my car get stolen I've been bitten by my own. Dog Twice, I've only had one migraine but lots of little headaches along the way. I learned not to go to the eye doctor stoned or to Polish my nails drunk a policeman once told me he was afraid of me I've had alcoholic boyfriends psychotic pets. My goldfish wants jumped out of its bowl and both simultaneously I've had teachers I didn't listen to therapists I didn't listen to and doctors I. DIDN'T LISTEN TO I've gone down hopeless essential rabbit holes rendering my whole existence meaningless and loop back around again, it's a lot to celebrate. The funny thing is that fifty is neither young nor old it's young to a seventy five year old and old to a twenty, five year old. But at least you're not waiting for it anymore. The best thing about turning fifty is that you're no longer forty nine, which is the next worst thing to being fifty. Once you turn forty nine, the countdown is on and the whole year is wasted with anticipation anxiety and dread forty nine shouldn't even be an age just like there are no thirteenth floors just get rid of it wine me. Dine me forty nine me. No. Thanks. If you're lucky enough to make it to fifty, you should at least give yourself credit for hitting the milestone. You should appreciate your life and the fact that you didn't ot fall off a junkie roller coaster or get swallowed whole by a snake like they do in Indonesia I. Am truly grateful for those things I'm also proud of myself for not giving up because there's so much look forward to the movies. I won't see the meals I won't cook and all the man I still won't go out with. At the very least I can be an example for younger women, a powerful role model to trembling forty nine year olds everywhere, and despite my best efforts to the contrary I have evolved for example, in nineteen seventy eight. Wednesday addams was my role model in Nineteen Ninety Madonna was my role model and today is my role model well, a and Jane Fonda and would Jane Fonda being eighty two and a being eighty five I think I've chosen wisely. Thanks so much for listening. If you enjoyed the story, let me know and share it with your friends. Follow me at. Kris K. K. Aria on twitter or Kris K. Kepler on facebook or check out my website www dot Chris kepler dot com..

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