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Shots. In arm timely lee sarah fox news president biden taking victory lap and one aspect of the fight against covert nineteen. Today we hit two hundred million shots in fewer than one hundred days in office while the administration celebrates the president says it's time to expand the vaccines reach everyone sixteen years of age and older now eligible and he's also taking a commonly cited roadblock out of the way calling on every employer large and small in every state giving employees time off. They need with pay to get vaccinated. That includes paid leave for recovery. He says that will keep america on track for a virus independent celebration in july grenell. Scott fox news. The fda put manufacturing of the johnson and johnson cova vaccines at a plant in baltimore on pause after inspectors found it was dirty. Proper procedures weren't being followed at poorly trained staff. This is the same factory where fifteen billion has had to be tossed due to work or confusion over ingredients. The justice department taking a closer look at the minneapolis. Police department investigation. I am announcing today. We'll assess whether the minneapolis police department engages in a pattern or practice of using excessive force including during protests attorney general merrick garland thus gatien will also assess whether the engages in discriminatory conduct and weather. Its treatment of those with behavioral. Health disabilities is unlawful. The probe coming one day after the conviction of former officer. Derek chauvin and the death of george floyd earlier today mayor jacob fries. He welcomed it. Israel's military says it struck targets in syria after syria launched missile into northern israel. No casualties were reported in israel. America's listening to fox news indeed is the job site that makes hiring easy as one two three post screen and interview all on indeed. 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Avantis says it will have a patch by may a spokesman for the chinese embassy said zero responsible and ill-intention to accuse a particular party when there is no sufficient evidence around the warning. Francisca comes out the. Us blamed russia for the massive severe winds. Intrusion into government incorporate systems. Rachel sutherland fox. Major airline is working at people traveling again by helping to schedule cultic tests tonight at airlines is helping you to schedule a covid. Nineteen tests through. Its travel ready center a digital service. It set up in january. The center will review cove in nineteen requirements. Find local testing options and will upload any required testing and vaccination records for domestic and international travel. United says it currently works with two hundred testing providers. In addition to sites in the trust assure network testing is conducted within united's hubs chicago. New york newark los angeles and san francisco. Wanna test is validated. Travelers will receive a mobile boarding pass. Geneka solta fox new. Britain's queen elizabeth expressing thanks for support and kindness after the death of her husband prince philip earlier this month in a statement posted to which witter accounts he wrote. It has been a comfort to see and hear all the tributes from within the uk the commonwealth and around the world. Today is the queen's ninety fifth birthday. I'm lisa lacerra. fox news is quickbooks. Slowing your business down. Dip challenges managing inventory project profitability or. Just getting paid fast enough. Get your business to a better place in graduate to net suite two day stop paying for multiple systems. That don't give you information you need when you need it ditch the spreadsheets and all the old software you've outgrown. Now is the time to upgrade to nets we by oracle the world's number one cloud business system nets we gives you visibility and control over your financials. 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We're talking basketball this hour and we're going talk with the guy that is in the basketball hall of fame but i will teach you a little bit and tell you. He's in the basketball hall of fame but he did not play the game. Ross going to be talking basketball with a guy that did play professional basketball for twelve seasons in ncwa championship as well at the outset. Here let me take a moment to say thank you. I say that because back in nineteen eighty-eight when we launched the network with just some twelve stations across the country. I wasn't quite sure whether a national sports talk radio network would work but many years later. Now i can kind of smile about it and tell you in all the years. I've been in broadcasting. This has been the greatest experience that i've ever had walking through the door every night being able to sit down and talk to great athletes provide moments and opportunities for you fans out there to talk to the athletes as well. It has been a wonderful thing for all of you. That over the years is have either run into me or emailed me or called me and said how much they've enjoyed the show. Because i've tried to make this like a nightline of sports. Someone said to me you know. You're like rose when it comes to sports. Well that's a great honor. Because i think. Charlie rose is a great interviewer and what i've tried to do. The years is kind of bring out in athletes. The human side. Because i've always felt that the fans the listeners out there they can better relate to the human side of athletes and then they can the professional side. I can't hit a ninety. Five mile hour fastball. And most people out there can as well. But i think they can always relate to the thing that is human about athletes throw. Bailey is standing by to kick things off. He played in the nba for twelve seasons with the utah jazz. And the minnesota timberwolves. He also played internationally in greece and italy was taken in the first round and he came out of college at north carolina state where he played his college ball during jimmy valvano tenure as the head coach and he was the leader of the double a championship team back in nineteen eighty three that upset the university of houston that year. He led the wolfpack in both scoring and rebounding and he is a good guy. And then hank nichols a member of the basketball hall of fame and he didn't play but he served as the ncw national officiating coordinator for twenty years and he also referee in the atlantic ten in the acc and other conferences. And he has officiated a record six. Nc double a men's basketball championship games. Good to have you with us. We're ready to crank it up here on.

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