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Have heard her on the show before. He's a comedian. She's a writer she's she has a fantastic special that's available on the digital platforms. You can see her adult swim. Special episode called soft focus with Jena Friedman. She's my friend you guys it's Jenna Freedman I also. Jenna is joining from Los Angeles at the baller. Our seven thirty a M. Thank you Jena for doing that. Or it's my pleasure such sleep anymore. I neither do I and I'm also joined by a comedian writer. We just did a writing job together. Hilarious leave this week in the middle of a global pandemic. Thanks for that one job. You've seen him on Seth Meyers. You've seen him on high maintenance in fact we're in the same episode of High Maintenance Together. You guys you. Are you love? It's Michael Cruz Cane. I'm Michael Friends. What a Joy. Just quick question before we get going. How are you feeling like about life right now? I have thanked spiraled into previously unknown levels of anxiety. That's how I would describe. This is supposed to be a feel good show and I would say that up until this happened. This is very my hate to bring up privilege right away but it really does awaken you to the privilege that you have where I have never thought of politics as something that was gonna get me killed until this started happening and then I was like Oh right. A president is like for this. This is why you have one of those. A president is for this Jenna. How do you feel? I think it's great that all of our interactions are going to be available to Russian spies. Yeah no I go through waves. I think I think it's GonNa be. We're GONNA be in here a long time and it's also making me like La in a way that makes me uncomfortable. What's Your Jenna? What's your prediction? How long do you think we're in quarantines? I mean I think we're going to be in some form of quarantined until there's a vaccine just because of the nature of Corona viruses. They're like seasonal people. Don't like to hear that I believe eighteen months. I WanNa make the prediction that we're going to be in this until there's really open wide testing for antibodies that test and it regularly testing. Yes and it won't be necessarily this form of quarantine it. It could be like you know. Oh work is starting and then we'll stop like maybe they'll have to wear freedom. I'm sure everyone in America seen contagion by now but I think one of the way. They had the like hand bracelet to show that they got the vaccine. I think we could have hand bracelets to show that we have the antibody or whatever it is and this show. You're supporting trump. It'll be a handwriting that that says make America. Great again slash. I have the antibodies. God that's a joke but they will definitely do that..

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