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YouTube. YouTube twitch and Facebook live today from five to eleven pm. He does a great job with those commercials. I mean you, you might wanna get into acting when you don't ball. I love. I love those commercials that you do a great job. And yeah, my kids dig it to von out just to before you go my ten year old wears glasses. What would you tell him von? Oh, yeah. Just embrace the gig been wearing glasses since I was wearing glasses in and grade, and it hasn't. Always been cool to wear glasses, but now it is and just embraced the grace invest yourself. That's right. He does that right back at ya von Miller. Thanks for joining the program. All right. Thank you. Appreciate you gotta that cell von Miller Broncos linebacker at von Miller used to be at Miller lite. Right? Isn't what it used to be Miller lite forty right now. He's well. That was that was from his college days. Now he's von Miller. What a beast is a base, they got the ravens this week. That's a pretty big game. It is and then Denver's at home against Kansas City at the jets taking on Sam darnold new darling of New York City for let you go willy. Do you wanna talk USC football, Ryota time? No, we got plenty of time. What do you think? I think we gotta get it together. I think we gotta get it together man as a lot of unhappy people in the it is. And you know, I've been saying this for the last couple of years. We gotta get better in the trenches. We gotta be able to win the trenches. And when you when you talk, it's not just enough to play in the Rose Bowl and win games and and have a winning record expectations for USA is to be in the playoffs and be competing for national championships. And you know everybody that's there. I support man. I don't want to be negative, or, you know, say anything, but we've got to get together. We gotta play at another level when we go in and play. These really good teams, we to compete and we gotta step our game up and we got to coach better. We gotta play better all the way around all you sound like bell check just like we do. I mean, we know about my according producer Don. Buoy was a big Trojan. Okay. He asked me question my your twice while you were going on your silica there, ask it is clay Helton the guy for the job there. He's the. Guy right now, he's their coach. You know, I, I'm not involved in decision and I try not to be critical, but without being critical. Any coach at any high profile job when you don't win and perform at a certain level. There's pressure, there's pressure. I don't care who you are. There's pressure. So you know, I don't know what that means. Like I said, but I support my Trojan on support the coaching staff as long as everybody's there. We've got to do a better job and the only way to fight your way out of that and eliminate all those questions is to win in the big game, win football games on total access tonight. No, I am not do all tomorrow night on NFL network. I felt like we were on the back of my total stays with you sitting here and we on Miller. I was a lot of fun. Great to see willy. Let's do this on the regular at Willie mcginest on Twitter to follow Willie mcginest when we come back phone calls and was interesting night in baseball off of the grid of just the wins and losses, Rick Fox, and our number three coming up as well. Hey, this is Jordan. Harbinger used to host the art of charm podcast, but now it's time for something new Jordan harbinger show. Did you know you can be entertained and actually get a boost in your life at the same time on this show. Oh, we dig into the superpowers of the world's most interesting thinkers and top talents. Then we deliver them to you right into your ears, but I get it. We're not all superheroes. That's why we give you their blueprint so you can live what you listen after thousand interviews, learning five languages and getting arrested in a country that doesn't even exist anymore..

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