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Wall and who's gonna pay for it does us victims? But mainstream reasonable majority moral decent an honorable America can exactly see them warming up to Trump over a move like that. But then there's the fact that even if Trump declared a national emergency tomorrow, even if it was completely unobstructed by the political process or numerous eminent domain fights in court, which there would be. Minus all that. You would still be looking at least a year before any shovels hit the ground started digging holes for his aesthetically pleasing steel slaps the Trump promised Mexico would pay for when he already has one point six billion. He could be spending on national security on the border for manpower to monitor the walls that are all ready there. And one last thing before we head to the phones on a hopeful note, really interesting article in Vanity Fair by one of the best young reporters. We're lucky to have Gabriel Sherman. The headline read quote, there is no endgame. White. House aides fear Trump has turned the border wall into his Alamo end quote. Sub-headline quote, the president put himself in a box as Trump as Trump tries to fight his way out his new chief of staff already has is on the exits and Giuliani worries about Muller's possibly horrific report. And quote, that's a hell of a sub headline. But it was the last paragraph that caught my eye, quote, the shutdown has pushed the Russia investigation out of the news cycle. This is before the times bombshell story yesterday. But Trump world knows it hasn't gone away. Rudy Guliani recently told a friend that he expects the Muller report to be quote horrific. You're already hearing people speculate. Trump could do a deal and resign end quote. From your lips Rudy. From your lips to five seven K D W is all caller number here at the station at seven zero two two five seven five three nine six. Let's head to the phones, and we will start with deplorable. Gary your first thanks for calling. Thank you so much. I wanna interests you in our hate, President Trump show, hold it. Hold gary. Do you honestly? Call reporting the truth. Do you honestly acquaintance? No, no, no. Gary you got you're I'm not gonna cut you off. But I will put you on hold of you. Don't let me finish. My question. Quite with reporting provable documented truth with hate. And if so why and Thirdly what is wrong with you? What's wrong with me? I will go to the pinnacle call go to the first one. Do you quite with reporting provable documented proof and truth with Haight? If so why? Anyway. Put me on the spot. Put you on the spot. I took what you said and.

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