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People. If there's a thousand people listening to this, I bet more than half of them don't think I'm crazy now, right? He's a runner. He's one of the best runners in the league. The only other guy his size that runs like him is Derek Henry and Derek Henry's faster and he's got to step on my Jocelyn's between the tackles he cuts back. He spends hurdles jukes doesn't take big shots, right? So he's becoming a dynamic runner in this league. And then arms sound wise, it's the strongest arm I've seen or whatever, top three. I backed up my brother in his prime. I backed up Jay Cutler. I backed up Blaine gabbert, who has a sneaky hose. And then I've seen all the rest of them. So it's a top whatever arm, but he's a dynamic runner. And he's like two 50. So from the physical capability standpoint, which I had nothing to do with any of those things. It's there. Now, it was there in Wyoming. It was just, that was the only thing that was there in Wyoming, right? Was these flashlights? I remember rolling to his right versus Boise state. He rips one like 40 yards back of the end zone. And I think he threw three picks that game they were terrible. You know what I mean? It was like, that was him. And so I think the part that people don't realize with Josh is the buy in, also how intelligent he is, right? Sometimes small school guys, Quincy and I do this a lot. We got to teach them how to learn, not just like teach them in office, we got to teach them how to learn an offense. Josh is incredibly intelligent. Tell him once and he's got. They run some sophisticated stuff from buffalo. That's Brian devil, right? That's a lot of New England stuff, and it's very sophisticated offense. He picks up really quickly. And he's a complete ownership of it. So the physical stuff is there and everyone will compare, I don't really compare guys. I just believe the guys who won a Super Bowl until he won one. I can't really get in the Super Bowl crew. You know what I mean? And I think Joshua Josh will win one here soon. But with Josh, I think the things that stick out to me, the whole coolest guy in the room thing, he might be one of the coolest, my favorite people I've ever met just funniest, like, doesn't matter who you are. He comes from blue collar. He is buffalo. I told buffalo that the driving up to the draft, I go, you're not going to get a first round quarterback like this, who buffalo is the biggest city he's ever lived in. He moved from fireball to reading. You don't even know where he is. Where are these places at, bro? What state? Central California. Then he went to Wyoming. The smallest airport I've ever seen and I've seen some airports. And then the buffaloes, the biggest cities ever lived in. And so this is not a guy who's like, this guy who he wants to play there. He wants to, like, that's him. Right? So I just think it's this perfect storm of this crazy athleticism off the charts intelligence. He believes he's the best player in the world. So that type of unwavering self generated confidence, the independent of the environment. It doesn't matter what's happening right now. This is what I'm about to do. And then somebody that day on a podcast, one of his teammates, and I'm going to start on Instagram. They said, man, Josh Allen had this speech. You know, like, well, I looked at him and he gets ready to say something. And he just stood up and he said, today, I choose violence. And he walked out. And it's like, that's him too, right? Like, I wouldn't wipe that guy. No shot. So I think what's really fun to watch is how much fun he has. It's Barbie, the talent he has. It's up there with anybody. We don't get to see how intelligent he is because we just assume everyone's running the same place. They're not, he's deciphering and disseminating a lot of information. And then he's a guy who's like, got a lot of joy in his life. He really, he's at a place where he wants to be. He's got stability. He's got a new contract. He's got coaching staff. He loves players. He loves. So we talk about the Super Bowl window. The Super Bowl window is when you have a quarterback like that in that state of mind. The last thing for Quincy.

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