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Roads locks and dams having the digital infrastructure that we need and and it's not just about repairing stuff. It's about being prepared for the future. And you know this this too much accident and you've heard me talk about this. There is a global competition with the with the chinese government and whoever has the best infrastructure why were all the companies that were built on the why were amazon and facebook and all these companies building in the united states. We had the best four g infrastructure. Why were some of the best phones sats building in asia in europe because they had the best three g. infrastructure and so. We need to make sure that when we talk about infrastructure that it's more than just bridges rose lots and dams but it's also this digital infrastructure. That is going to take us into this next century. And so sometimes. We get focused on the political makia nations of weather. Sunday this tax on tap man. We're we're always but but but when when you framing in that it changes and and and again i think You know a president biden on the cove package. A majority of the country supported that and so you know he. He's playing for for longevity. He wants to go in the history books And this is about as you say. How many democrats can't he. What is needed to put an lose. The least amount of different democrats robert You know before you common that. George stephanopoulos questioned People to judge the transportation sectarian on just this point that that will is making this weekend. 'cause they're ally republicans who are saying you know. Infrastructure is roads and bridges and we ought limit this thing to to that and George asked him about that. Let's let's listen to that only about five percent of this. Bill goes for traditional roads and bridges. You've got twenty percent caregiving for the elderly about thirteen percent for investments in the green. New deal so why. Not focus on that traditional core infrastructure. Let's be clear there's a lot more than roads and bridges that are part of infrastructure Heard the the governor of south dakota recently saying this is an infrastructure. It's got money for pipes. Will we believe that pipes our infrastructure. Because you need water to live and too many families now live with the threat of lead poisoning. That's absolutely infrastructure You know you talk about roads and bridges but also airports and ports. We need to make sure that we have broadband. I know that traditionally the internet wasn't considered infrastructure. Because in the eisenhower years. Of course it didn't exist but infrastructure investment has to include looking to the future. So he's all over. Your point will He's it's all about building the foundation for the future and robert. Is that a winning argument. I think it definitely is. I mean look we were all. He's not judge buddha churches a good messenger. He definitely is. I mean look. We were all fascinated a week to ten days ago about a boat larger than the empire state building stuck sideways in the suez canal. And what it meant. For shipments and the global supply chain Now obviously this. Bill isn't to help the suez canal. But it's hard to argue in a modern world that ports aren't part infrastructure. It's hard to argue that our airports and air cargo that has to go to and from the rest of the world is in part of that or drinking water pipes or a whole lot of stuff. I mean i think it is very Nineteen fifties to say this is about interstates or You know bridges that connect states. I i just think. That's i think that's a little It's backward and to the congressman's point it's it. Infrastructure is going to be more than just it's going to be even more than just the traditional public works projects right now. You know we've got kids that can't get on broadband right there in the parking lots of restaurants trying to get broadband to go to school right. We're going to need to invest in that because if a country is going to lead the world in in the in the types of of technology opportunities that we can provide. Then we've got to make sure that the youngest and quite frankly the least fortune have access to it to your point earlier on the democratic stuff. I mean it's going to be interesting to see. They're going to be a lot of people who are going to grab four or five to your point on the math. Four or five of their colleagues and say the five of us aren't voting for this unless we get this and and the real question is whether or not they can withstand that pressure right. Joe manchin as we talked about lives in west virginia right a state that gave Joe biden the robust twenty nine point seven percent of their vote. Can he can. He can withstand the pressure of democrats pushing back on him. I give of a bunch of democratic congressman from the northeast. Say or not voting for all this stuff we've always wanted because of the state and local tax cap. I think that's gonna melt like a A snowman in july. I mean the question is whether this thing is just too big to fail. You know what i mean. There's too much in here could be for For democrats ultimately not to vote for. I mean the biggest thing a the the bigger questions gonna come in the next round which is going to be all social safety net stuff and you know you saw a lot of flack in here about home and community healthcare though. I think that's a big concern for for people as parents or aging. But you know there was some question as to why That was in here. And i think they separated this out for for a reason. They wanted the more traditional kinds of infrastructure investments to be to lead the story. They wanna they wanna you know They want to impress people on on. Just what we've been talking about here when we get to the next round. Here's where you kind of hit the kind of rubber. The rubber hits the road in the kind of divides we have in this country. Because you get into focus groups with.

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