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Jane Goodall Institute's the Sankt enable needed cheering up and it's been very tough because the code it I mean Gumby were terrified that it will reach the Chimpanzee National Park and surrounding areas whether gyms because they catch your pieces. You have. You embrace this idea about hope and I want to ask you about this three of your books plus another set to release. Next year have hope in their titles documentary the National Geographic. Entry about you is called the hope what keeps you what makes you hopeful and I'd love to end on this note because there's so much going on right now from the pandemic. To climate degradation, which can really leave a person feeling despair about our planet but you have hope and I'd love to hear what keeps you hopeful. What I did will you hear all the time think globally act locally that's completely the wrong way round because quite honestly. I think everybody who thinks about the state of the planet globally will lose the they just. have any energy to do anything locally they'll be so depressed but of the whole message of roots and shoots if you start actually doing something to make a difference, ben you suck me feel you know while I am making a difference you know that will run the world of the people making a difference. So as I said earlier, the young people are giving me the most home. I'm very passionate about that. Then assists extrordinary intellectual. Ours. You know we're now coming up with ways that we can live in greater harmony was the planet with thinking about ways we can live a lighter ecological footprint every day, which is going to make a difference that makes you feel better. and. Then there's the resilience of nature I described flying over going beans a little tiny island ernest around it by Kooky. Onto any. Hilson. creeped ball. Because people. Puffing. And they realized The. Erosion. Well Jane Goodall let's leave it there on that hopeful note about the resilience of nature. Thank you so much for joining us today it's been such a pleasure philly great. Brian to everybody. Jane Goodall Anthony Brooks. This is on point..

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