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The bomb plans to use his new role to take down all his enemies in the world of crime, leaving the Troy's as the head of all underground operation, and he revels in being Archer, even seducing archers, estranged wife eve and bonding with archers rebellious daughter, Jamie and Archer in Choi's face is trapped in ocean prison, everyone who knows his true identity is dead. But he breaks out of the prison, swims to Los Angeles and resumes. His favorite hobby hunting castor, Troy and to do this. He has to meet up with many of Troy's associates, including Troy's former lover Sasha played by Gina Gershon and Archer meets Troy and Sasha's, son. Adam archer? Reaches his wife, eventually convinces her that the man she thinks is her husband is in fact, castor Troy and Troy had killed Archer's boss and at the bosses funeral Archer ambushes Troy and a major firefight breaks out Sasha who came to Archer's aid, not realizing he wasn't Troy is killed and Archer and Troy end up in a boat. Chase Archer catches Troy. So as a last ditch effort to ruin Arthur's life. Troy tries to slice up his face or Archer's face Archer's face on his body. It gets a little confusing, but Archer shoots Troy with a harpoon gun killing him and the FBI brings in some magic surgeons able to put Archer's face back on his body. And he returns home with Adam who he and eve will raise as a surrogate son as credits roll. Now, I'm the person who on a lot of podcasts. I'm gonna sit here nitpick realism. So let me just get this off my chest. And then I'll. Lately role with face transplants. Get a face transplants or not one thing, but the bone structure underneath doesn't actually look like the person. So when you have a new face, no longer, look like your old self or the new person know, they dress that they say the implants on the skull in that put the face over it. So it takes the shape be tissue rejection. This was a concern to my wife's she's watching that. She's like, oh, there's not a rejection that I don't buy any of this see the wounds heal. So quickly to have a sis- take it up my foot, and it had a giant gaping wound that I couldn't take a shower with for three weeks. They said those lasers heels super fast, and they have these anti-inflammatories like, pure, you instantly, four you can't live without skin on your face. It was just a couple of days. Okay. I'm more concerned about him smoking with no face five. Would he even have eyelids left? I thought he'd be like clockwork orange constantly terrific stuff in the eye. Okay. I'm done face transplants. Thumbs up. Okay. Yeah. Again, that's not my problem with this movie. That's the least absurd thing in. I mean, it kicks off with absurdity where at Griffith park carousel for some reason with the music box play like it's so milligr- Matic. It's shameful. I thought Hollywood made him do this stuff. Now, he's just cheesy at heart like q the balloons to signify the death of a child floating in the air. I mean, that's the kind of thing I would expect in a film class. I wouldn't expect master John. Woo to fall to that kind of cliche. I think that's one of his trademarks is to bring in visual metaphors, like the doves all the time and everything. Yeah. You're talking about cliches. I would expect first time people that are just learning film grammar to do. But this is what he's done and Ben very successful with in his Chinese films, and he's trying to bring his style to America. He felt like the first two films. He'd made in America. He was getting his sea legs the first one hard target. He felt didn't get mass appeal because it was just to Chinese John. Woo. He then felt like he went too far the other way on broken arrow and made just a generic American action film that didn't have any of his style except for some doves. So this was the balance and by and large the studio was pretty hands off their let woo that would do that. He do so well or not, but my favorite part of this scene as all right? Lots of weirdness Travolta, doing the hand. Gesture you referred to Jacob. I don't know what that is the waterfall..

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