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Flying around so much from a song. Well, I come from the musical theater now. Never do ask you that we have to ask you a question. Did you ever identify with Mary Tyler Moore? Because when I hear that, you know you can turn the world on with her smile. Do you think of Natalie and her trial? Well, she wanted to do you figure No, no, no, no, no. I just think of Natalie's as a little girl. She may have seen the Mary Tyler Moore show and she thought I wanna be a producer like Mary Tyler Moore. Is that occurred when you're a little kid? No, actually didn't okay. And it was it was. It was several years before my time. Really? Well, you know, I didn't really watch when I was a kid. Hurry in the newsroom always wanted to be Murray. So there was a now all right. So who's here's a question who's still alive of the original as most of the Mary Tyler Moore at Astor, Betty White And and Georgia. No, she died. No. Gavin Macleod Macleod. He was Maria Georgia angle. Yeah, she died. She died a few months ago. Yeah. Hello, Lynn. How long you been doing The show? Remember? I don't know. What about Georgia? Well, we I do remember? I do remember you said, Well, who's alive from the show? You asked this question? Not too long ago and you left out. Cloris leads Fred and someone e mailed me and said, What about Flores later it Well, thank you very much listening might go well, I had a repetition prep addition, Poor Cloris Leachman. Also we have to say you got to give it up for her and Young Frankenstein. Now, folks, this is unbelievable to me. Len Berman is the only man on the planet who has never seen Mel Brooks is Young Frankenstein wherein Cloris Leachman plays for Abu Cobb. Oh, so the horse neighs every time she says her name. Well, apparently, because what Frau Blucher means in German, and this is the joke that Mel put in there. It means glue factory. Works that smell because it means that's very good. That's very funny. How is it possible then that you have not seen young friends and how was that? Well, I want it Well, you got enough clips here. I may as well see it just of the clips that, Lee says this one's not appropriate. What knockers. Thank you. Dr. E knew you.

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