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The trade I want to get first and foremost, we have been how many times how many weeks have we recorded, Steve, and said that this is the type of trade, not the exact trade that was going to happen, but the type of trade this Boston brewing team needed. Because you're right, we did not mortgage our future, which I was particularly scared about. I do want to win now. I know we have to give to get and so on. And I want to Stanley Cup champions of ships as well, but I also want to be relevant in the next couple of years and be competitive. And filtering in younger talent, the next ones up after the bergeron to create these retires. So when we still need that sustainability in the league that's constantly evolving. So I'm very happy with this trade because it addressed just depth. The playoffs are a hard grind. We all know this. We say this every freaking week. And I just think this addressed two huge needs. Number one, Hathaway a forward. He's a fast guy. He's a pain in the ass. We've seen this when Washington played the bruins in the past and so on. And we all hated him and so on. Now he's on our team and I think we're all going to really like his contribution and just by the way he can grind on other players and so on. The defensive aspect of the trade Dmitry Olaf for me, it's still dresses the depth as well, but it also gives you a top four defenseman on this team. And I think that's something that's going to be needed. Yes, Connor Clifton is probably going to see more of a 7th player 7th position role. And I understand that. But to win, you have to make these sacrifices and so on. I'm really happy with the trade. Like you said, we didn't mortgage the future. I thought this was very smart on dawn Sweeney. Another trade that makes him look even better as he continues in his general manager tenure here in Boston. The narrative is slowly going away that Sweeney socks, you know, traded Donnie is back. I'm stoked. I'm stoked about these moves and I'm stoked about how smart it was. But I'm also even more sculptor if that could be a name. It might have to take a lot one enough. Yeah, exactly. I lost what I was going to say.

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