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Will be the most inaccurate and fraudulent election in history. I'm sure he just means in U. S history. It will be a great embarrassment of the USA, he says. And then he raised the question delay the election on Joe people can properly securely and safely vote. And this has been going crazy. I'll tell you that much has NBC and the whole gang. They're going desert. This is what we said. This was the conspirators feeds right into the conspiracy theories that the left has been peddling for. Quite some combines whom the president is aware of this, and he's trolling them, as he so often does. And it really got him going. I would like to see the White House more focused with how many bottles of beer on the wall do. We have left 97 96 days to the election? Maybe a cogent, coherent White house message on a daily basis would be good, But I guess the buckshot approach has worked for the president. Thus far, he is tweeting from the Oval Office after all. However, poll numbers and all of that something they ought to be starting to pay attention. I don't believe the polls either, and I know that conservatives, according to the Cato Institute study that came out last week do not feel comfortable sharing political views. And when pollsters call I know that conservatives respond differently than liberals. Liberals love the pollsters because they figure they're usually our lives. Our liberal pollsters, media pollsters and And I don't believe the polls. However, that said, Cogent, coherent, daily message. From now until Election Day might might be good and and I raising the question of postponing or delaying the election. Until people can properly securely and safely vote. I'm not sure how long that would take. But that's certainly going to get the madhouse going. No doubt about that. They're going. They're going to start going. Well, I don't have to start going crazy. It's just going to dial up the crazy on them in a very severe way. So the president raised this question this morning, and Michael, I know you just played one of the sound bites from earlier this week that we played of Joe Scarborough and Eugene Robinson talking about Election Day, Eugene, right, and I'd like to play. How many of those sound bites were therefore Just three from the other day. All right, and I think we just played one of them. But I want to play them over again because in order it kind of works best. Eugene Robinson had he types were the DNC at Washingtonpost. He's paid by the richest man in the world. Dr Evil and who was not on Capitol Hill yesterday, but he he came in by telescope Rinne from his space station orbiting the planet or something like that. He's an isn't odd when the Congress has Jeff Bezos up there. They have the A and he didn't go. It did it remotely, along with the rest of the CEOs nailed it remotely. They have the richest man in the world, one of the most powerful men in the world as a result, and the owner of the Washington Post and Washington politicians, you know you pick your enemies there in politics After all. Now you two stuck up to and who to who to dump on, and vice versa. And they've got the owner of the Washington Post there, you think that changes their behavior at all? The Democrats sucking up the Republicans hearing the wrath of the Washington Post. That is. He's a very powerful man for a variety of reasons. Jeff Bezos, lazy eyed loon from the Austin Powers movies. But that is Eugene Robinson. He wrote this piece, saying Trump keeps saying that mail in voting is not secure, but it really is. It's really good and good for Democrats, and that's why you genius. And anything that is corrupt or corrupting of American institutions, the Democrats, and that means the media to are in favor of corrupting whatever it is. Eugene Robinson demonstrates that every time he types up a little essay, and he approved it earlier this week with his little piece about we have nothing to worry about with mail in balloting, and even Joe Scarborough. Would not sit still for this because he had seen the story. In the New York 12th Congressional District. Carolyn Maloney, long longtime carbon date a bold Democrat member of the House of Representatives, running against new young, fresh face, Suraj Patel. The Democrat Party squeezed him out because she's loyal soldier goose stepping with the cause against the bill of rights and individual liberty and freedom, and even Joe Scarborough had to step in and say, Well, wait a minute. You know, Eugene, you stay in your stupid little corrupt piece, and you're awful newspaper today that there's nothing to worry about here. But Moe Yarbrough had to bring up something that he had read apparently taken. Just look to what's happened over the past couple months, not in states Republicans ran But let's talk about New York ST. Andrew Cuomo State Carolyn Maloney, There's an article in the paper today still doesn't know whether she's been reelected or not local races in New York state that took a month To resolve and they still haven't figured out a congressional race There are going to be 435 of those in the fall, and on top of that all the Senate races and the presidential race. And suddenly there is reason to fear we may go into the new year not knowing who the next president of the United States you could. Even in the audio. You could hear Eugene Robinson squirming in his chair. Still sounds like Vincent there Oh, Frio, The alien in men in black, cracking his neck and go are making gravel in grow grow all sounds Because they're all freak shows they might be from another planet as well. And so he had read. It must have been in The New York Times. Hey, the Democrats are being Democrats, and he left out the Paterson, New Jersey, where four people, including a city councilman, have been charged with fraud in their latest election. They're all Democrats, and then there's all kinds of chicanery, and they have to cancel. 19% disqualify 19% of the votes. That's one in five votes in Paterson, New Jersey, virtually almost one in five votes in Paterson, New Jersey that had to be thrown out. It's 1/5 of the voting, but that means the elections are completely invalid on their complete joke, and and and that's that's not a legitimate election in Paterson, New Jersey This Carolyn Maloney in primary election in the New York 12 Congressional District is a complete disaster. They had 65,706 absentee votes her mail in votes. On 12,500 of them were thrown out. Okay. Now just follow this. For a 2nd 12,500 of the absentee ballots were thrown out. They had 39,635 in person. That's a 39,000 in person, 65,000 absentee. They threw out 12,500 Carolyn Maloney is now winning by 3700. Right, which is what less than 1/3 of the number of votes that were tossed out. How is that a legitimate election? This is a just a primary for the Democrats. That is not a legitimate election. It's not Eugene Robinson, sitting there with with his pal Joe Scarborough, who is partially inflatable flotation device to the second wife is sitting next to him, and she is Justice Don't mean she looks on DH Eugene squirming and well, what about Caramelo? You say there's no problem here, and even Joe Scarborough has to say was just completely ridiculous to claim what you're claiming your piece in the post. Eugene jumps in Well, let's hope we don't make it that far. But it's gonna be a mess. It's going to be messy. It's not gonna be like a normal election night when winner and there's a you know a big speech in a concession stand, it's all over. It's not going to be a see this. They're telling us the age of American elections is over because the Democrats are here, and they've blown it up just like that, just like that. They have done to our election system that they've done to Portland and Seattle and what they've done to parts of Washington and looting and I mean honestly there, looting and plundering and committing arson. To all of our institutions, and I've been talking about this for years about the Democrats and the left. The Democrat Party has long since been taken over by the left the really left the international left. The left that we've seen rioting with their red banners in Germany and Italy and France for decades. They're here now on the news media never notices the black flags and the red flags and the and the yellow and red in the hammer and sickle flight. They never noticed that I watched the long video yesterday. My friend Marty provided me about a week ago, The Chicago police chief superintendent held a press conference when the police officers were attacked and dozens were injured at the Christopher Columbus statue, which the city then tore down on their own because they're with the mob than the mob attacked and that all these blood rose of black umbrellas they used for shields and The protesters were changing out of their street clothes into their black, their black uniforms like there with movement, chance the movement, chance of death or something like that..

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