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This is the cats roundtable chime cats smith here sunday morning. What's going on in our country. Well one of the smartest guys. I know as a historian published many many books and wasn't the vatican for many many years because of his wife being the ambassador to the vatican. Well he's back. He's back in washington with us. This morning is former speaker of the house. Newt gingrich in morning nude. How are you doing well. First of all the different things going on in our country. So i'm confident that eventually just went out because america's very resilient country. I'm hoping that Joe biden president. You know you've known him for one hundred years usually his closer to center than left Do you think that by his appointments. He's showing that. Oh by his speech give us a your evaluation of his inauguration speech and and the people he's appointed well. I think the speech was very very good. 'cause i had a chance to actually see it live on a wi fi on delta airplane coming back from room to the us. And i thought that Really was was shaped correctly What theme of unity made sense was almost dwight eisenhower. Kind of speech on the challenge for biden. I think is that the team around him is way to the left of speech. And that's why after the speech is over. He walked back down washing down the pennsylvania avenue and ultimately signing some seventeen Executive orders that afternoon almost which fit to speech. So there's challenge is going to be making a decision. Is he going to be the president biden of the inaugural address or the president biden of executive orders and those are two really really different futures. And he's you know he's the guy tries to decide which one of those who wants to be. Well i mean he's got all the the marvels in the whole world of the democratic party controls. The executive office controls the senate now and controls the congress. Somebody executive orders. He has signed or were closing. Down the pipeline..

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