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He was a one chiefs player. Other than cream. I think that really lived up to the expectation of their numbers. This week hill didn't have a great game, but he had a good game. Mahomes definitely did not have the Mahomes game that we have seen in the last couple so picks makes him human quote, unquote. Yeah, but I'll say Rudolph is my. Is my dud. Do you have a good. My dud for wait. I have done fans McDonald. Yeah, that one. Okay. Game in in. But he had a good. The Steelers put up a lot of points yesterday and he didn't get any. He had one point which kind of felt like he was going to have some more action, but in Tokyo Brown, ju ju and Connor really stole the show for the Steelers. I would say definitely that. All right, but I would definitely say. Who was George kill. He had a one good play. He had like five, six points can't shed ten point eight. He had he was in the top top seven top six for titans. That's bad for tight end night if he's in top tick for ten points. Yep, it was not a good day for titans. He finished above gronk and Graham. So last week do you remember when we picked our lineups? Yes. Now, if this is if you didn't hear that last episode, we watch it. We picked a quarterback running back wide receiver, a tight end, Andy defense, just anybody who we wanted, we telling up the points. So let's go through it. Mike quarterback. I picked Ben Rothlisberger. You picked Blake. Bortles. How do you think? What do you think Bortles got there? If you minus five interceptions that's a good day. He had twenty two point. Six, not bad. I had been. He had twenty seven point six. Now it's moved running back. Okay. You took girly. Congratulations. You're warded with thirty one point three points. I'm telling the score you've falling with me here. Todd Gurley thirty one point three. I took Christian McCaffrey seventeen point eight. Wide receiver t. you remember, he took. Huggins heated. Good nineteen point. Six. I took into a near Brown twenty seven point one. Who's your, who's your tied in? Did you pick..

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