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Everybody was gary bay nurture episode to eighty one of the ask gary v show extremely special because as i am barca my twitch adventures i'm getting more and more exciting tyler when is when is the twitch studio working may seventy may seventeenth twist studio b there we also need to buy a bunch of video games i will pick up a bunch garage saling we need screen screens we're getting we the sponsor a cool if you're watching right now and you want to semi screens and that's your world emailed gary actually let's do this right now right hook right from the get on episode two what do we need to which we don't have yet screens okay audio setup what's an audio setup speakers call on just one sorry to be doing such we were talking about that before africa capture cards what else do we need all i feel like i wanna go garage selling go to ebay to get my shit i don't think well actually if you wanna sell your video up i do need any i definitely need genesis because i wanna play some earthworm jim yes yes i wanna play of that i also i also need super nintendo for sure i really really really need genesis nhl ninety four i'm really curious of where i stack up universally on that i'm going to tell everybody right now hi all time oh so much ninety four i ninety four i the cadence down like i actually went through streak where people can score on me score this wasn't about winning and losing.

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