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The georgia theater in athens veronica waters wsb alabama head coach nick sabin celebrates his fifth national championship with the tide sixth overall loss of allows what are the game producer we want on the last quarter so all boosters really respond right where he credits this teams mental toughness especially in the secondhalf comeback fans outside mercedes benz stadium get to see the free halftime show at centennial olympic park the weather kept the crowd down to a few thousand but one thinks for sure the 10minute halftime show with entertaining and most fans loved it zones dole was incredible digital mars the greatest robbery with some fans wanted a little bit more the sound good be better and uh the music select twothirds songs lurks hoover digital maher could have been a little valor reporting from centennial olympic park michelle wright wsb president trump takes the field for national anthem prior to the game wsb's bill caiaccio reports slide the president's greeted with cheers and some boos yeah jet rotc members escort president trump onto the field was of course coming after the president's criticism a pro football players who refused to stand during the national anka we love our flag we love our anthem the president speaking there a tennessee prior to arriving in atlanta for the big game president trump state for the first half while there were anti trump protesters outside the stadium more fancied annoyed it waiting in long lines to get into the stadium because of the increased security for the president's visit reporting live bill caiaccio wsb monday's rain leaks through the.

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