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Dj swear you did not have a good night okay and when you go without josh norman the redskins secondary just say to say ostensibly you've got a guy incurred causes get there about 24 million dollars all right but does it necessarily look not having a bad year but doesn't necessarily look like that do which is what the nation's capital his suspected cell of pump the brakes a little bit of a stop acting like they went up it's a new covered the p you covered the eagles in philadelphia to say how many us right this remit as a columnist from two thousand three hundred still two i hate the eagles with a passion assured i instead there are always the ones that will allow the lorry all you can assure the eagles beat him twice in the regular season keeping from the playoffs the next year i hate the eagle's this is like poison in my mouth to say but you've got to admit the truth starting last year wood johnson was healthy and its continued through this year not they were trending toward elite last year the orally right now they've been the best team in the nfc arguably the best team in the nfl this year it is for many reasons that we've mentioned but foremost among them they have a special quarterback a say did actual quarter the eagles obviously a damn good team they are super bowl title contender there is no doubt about that all i'm doing is give you some elements to call the divorce should oppose just because you've got to remember something as a guide i worked for the philadelphia inquirer for seventeen years covering this team has a columnist for the last seven years the arrays the general sports columnist the bottom line is this the philadelphia eagles do not have a super bowl title on their resume nineteen eighty came up short two thousand four gives proper new bridges came up short all i'm saying you is that.

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