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Chance I wondered into, a bookstore in Menlo Park California and I found a book by a nuclear engineer actually named His name was James, mechanical, and he was head of the nuclear society of northern California Eventually he became a friend of my father's but at that time he wasn't and there was some information in that. Book that was the critical, link informing his idea of how to make the technology work He was probably, about ninety percent of the way there at the time But that was the last step took him over the? Line and did your father use the term anti gravity around the house Oh yes. The term anti gravity it was used all. The time and there was a lot of talk about UFO's over the dinner table and eventually when I was thirteen we will we were on a family outing, and we, actually saw one and that was stunning. Because until you actually see when you imagine them to be. Some part of you know, an urban legend or a rural legend mostly you can't believe that such. A thing could actually exist but when I was thirteen. We actually saw one while we were camping by river in northern California and so anti gravity was everyday part of the vocabulary and it was an ironic choice of words. Because it became so commonplace that, he wouldn't have dreamed the. Amount of prejudice against the word in the scientific community and he Published his first, paper on, the technology in nineteen. Eighty one and it was very, difficult thereafter to even get any academic scientist or even aerospace scientists to. Talk to him about it because of that. Word the word anti gravity was like poison so he immediately switched to gravity control and had little more success with that but the difficulty was getting anybody to, talk to, him for more than five minutes but. Anybody, who did talk to him for more than five minutes. Was immediately blown away by, what he had to say and so later on in Silicon Valley I. Spent a lot of time trying to get people to. Talk to them for that first five minutes and the word gravity control or anti gravity actually gotten away of my accomplishing that goal I did with a few. People and But, the experiment was the result of a lucky coincidence that happened as far as I was concerned off stage with some friends. Of his up in, the Seattle area and I actually do. Not know their names because one of the legacies of my childhood was secrecy. He he was continuously under a top secret clearance throughout his working life the experiment. Have happened long after he left industry retired I should say and it was never classified ever well before we get into. The experiment the actual experiment David was, your father under great pressure from the military the Pentagon to to reveal the the the anti gravity science to them did they want to militarize it was he being pressured what is he being. Pressured at one point he was pressured It was in nineteen sixty he had just written his paper on gravitation and coincidentally the. Air force was conducting a survey of gravitation research worldwide because of some boasting by a Soviet scientists named Correal stand Yuka vich not exactly household name but at the. Time the air force was worried because STAN Yuka vich was saying we have an anti gravity device, and we can fly out into outer, space as you would with a. Jet plane and we can maneuver around out there will, and the ten, gone was bit worried about that. Because, remember in nineteen sixty we refresh, from the embarrassment, of Sputnik and so here in this report the the, writer of the port named Dr MAURICE, carbel said that there was one. Theory that he had looked at? Only one that have? The potential for an engineering? Application and that was my father's So on, the strength of that and and because he was already working at Lockheed just to an had worked at Ames research he contacted the head of the foreign technology division at Ames research and went in for a discussion and that was a, very weird discussion that left him shaken. Because he went in there hoping, that they would develop this technology from a. Research and development program but at the time he had no idea how to implement it in the very first question the air force Colonel asked him was Can you make..

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