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Certainly. Somebody has to investigate. Well, I would think somebody's got to investigate it. But I guess the cops not gonna come to your house. Man, you have to go online and follow reporters something like that. But some of these things really upset a lot of folks in the policing community. In fact, the mayor and not the mayor, but the governor actually tweeted some some response to this. This this City Council push against Police Department's not just in Austin. But in Dallas and other cities in Texas, so great ever got involved bizarre, so bizarre. The fact that this is Entered people's minds to begin with. Consider this still just boggles my mind. And yet we have still not heard a good alternative to to de funding and you know, taking their powers away, not invent, not responding to missing Children. What? Well, There's well I mean, I guess it depends on the situation. I mean, a blanket statement. They're not going to respond to missing kids or runaway kids run out right away. Run away. Okay, That's a little bit different Rights because sometimes a kid is reported. Hey, they haven't been around. I haven't seen my kid in three nights. Yeah, okay. I can certainly understand as far a stolen vehicles that it doesn't need to be necessary. You know, they need to get to if someone steals my my Buick out of the driveway, Uh, By the way, you're welcome to it. But if that happens, they shouldn't be there Within minutes. I get that they're probably more important things to see to. But to say that it's not gonna be Responded to it all. I don't understand what that means, 6 53 reported. Cases of the flu are far below normal This year. We're going to hear from Dr Nicole Sapphire coming up at the top of the hour right after the local news, talking about some of the contributing factors to a decline in flu cases. Ah, yeah. Nobody gets the flu. No, No. You talked about what they tell us. It's a fluid. They tell us. We're not getting the flow because we're social distancing and wearing a mask. Yeah, And then they tell us we're spreading this virus because we're not wearing the mask and social distancing. Johnny Downtown real quick, Gianni. Good morning. Hey, Good morning, guys. Just real quick. So if I'm if I'm at home and somebody's breaking in my car and trying to steal and I called the police last I should do and they refused to help me. Then I'm just gonna walk outside and shoot. That's what I'm gonna do. I hope you know, I'm not sure. I think the cops would respond to that in Dallas. You know the theft in progress. I have a feeling favorite, but But if you reported the next morning, Yeah, Somebody got my car in the middle of the night bus truck..

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