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I'm Scott Carr. The state of California has filed its forty seventh lawsuit against the Trump administration. The suit over the White House, cutting federal family planning funding. California's not the only one twenty states have filed or planning to file lawsuits to stop a new rule from taking effect that would block titled ten funding to any family planning organization that provides women information about or. Or referrals to abortion services? Medical care should be between a woman and her doctor, not the president of the United States State attorney general hobby viscera says California has the most to lose by the new rule. Well, no federal money. We're told funds abortions funding would be taken away from places like Planned Parenthood and given to faith-based pregnancy centers. The new rule is expected to take effect in may Jim Roope, Los Angeles. Tomorrow will be the last day of production for one GM plant in Lordstown, Ohio Lordstown workers have already been transferred. Others have applied. Still others. Have retired UAW local eleven twelve. Vice president Tim O'Hara says many remain in limbo. A lot of our people that haven't already left, you know, they're kinda just going to ride it out and see what the future holds down the road, the final status of the GM plants will be decided in union negotiations this summer, Jeff Gilbert, CBS news, Detroit and Indiana team passes the ACT test. With flying colors aced. The ACT fifteen year old Andy Kabashi of Indiana had a perfect score felt bike. Easier, but not easy enough that I would have thought I got a thirty six is school junior. Skipped a couple of grades took calculus with high school students when he was in middle school. I taking the ACT when he was fourteen and scored a thirty five by the time kids, Andy's ager entering college. He'll already be graduating Gary Nunn, CBS news. W entertainment.

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