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And then it was pretty good. Are you freelancing NBC sports that there is that you cap may have a point. I mean the game did start at seven thirty. We get invited. Now. The good news was he had his own ticket. So he wasn't like waiting on us to give him the ticket. He could get down would have been a bad move on your behalf. If he was. Of course, we figured Carmen was going to and one thing that we said Meller meaning of dollars. We had such a good time that we need to do it as the show group the unit with you to like every couple of months, we need to do the dinner. We need to do it dinner. Okay. Good time. We'd good discussion. We were maybe twenty minutes of hockey. And then you got in your calves and went home inside sat through the entire second period. Taber? Bad luck. Because three sabres goals were quickly scored and hawks fan got hit in the face. And then you turn. We're the bad luck charm these days. Yeah, we're the bad lock. So Mark your reaction to the Antonio Brown does. Well, you know, he was never gonna go there. I mean, it was just deploy a in the NFL when you don't like a player. He's giving you trouble you threaten to send him to Siberia. Or in this case buffalo and players like I'm not going to buffalo. Forget that. And then most who go there go. Wow. This is a cool rebuilt city with spectacular fans. Your life there at this guy there? What are you kidding? I know you guys are busting me. I talked to Freddie, pasta. Lazy didn't let it happen. No frigging way. This guy comes here. Could you say that because you heard us predict that? Yeah. I got friends out there. I'm on the air over the TV side. And I got my Buddy's going. Hey their dog, and you and Freddie right now, we weren't dogging you we were just say to predict for. You didn't want it. Predictable. Look he wouldn't go to begin with. And he is out of options. Now he devoted himself right out of the market with the raiders are out the Redskins. One of the guys who covers the Steelers on a consistent basis. Says that a deal is eminent right now what he said was the raiders are back in now. Well. What field Yates said field Yates was watching him on. He was on Instagram live. There's a shock the same guy. Wallace coach was meeting. The team was on Facebook live now, he's Instagram live. But what did he did he delete that Instagram live video? Find it on his it's just him working out and calling himself Mr. big chest again. So here's field Yates says as talks heat up worth noting that a friend of ABC's was heard saying in this video you've already got your black and gray on the raiders have certainly been. Toronto argonauts. No, they're a little white. Okay. Looking. The raiders are the only glamour team left, even though Jon Gruden is doing his best to destroy that franchise. Perfect destiny. A little mystique left. Yeah. It is perfect. And then he'll ruin Derek Carr. Just like you would have destroyed Josh Allen. If he went to buffalo in retard the development of a big young great quarterback. So yeah. Would you have been celebrating today, though, if they did trade for him? No, you would have been angry. I would have been this is a bad move. So the front office in buffalo like yeah. We'll you know, we'll inquire will listen. But there's no way the guys are great great receiver. But when you get into your thirties as a wideout, and you're a problem in the locker room, you just gotta go into different direction. You do. Patriots trade for it. They do have a lot of dragon. Apple a handle guys like him. That's for sure you think though the Steelers who have been member their general manager said they would prefer to in the NFC team. You're trading him to the best AFC team the team the you can compete with. I get that. Yes. But as we've always said if they give you the best deal. What are you gonna do if they give you a one? And nobody else is giving you a one who you taken the deal from. Second in third or just a third stuff. I and it's not just draft picks. You're going to have to give up. You also going to have to sign him to a new contract in most instances, you're you're trading your trading for someone without having to give them a new deal doing. I mean. Trading for someone who's made a young on the final year there deal and you extend their deal and other teams we've talked about or any Renta whiteout situation. So I don't think that the raiders find themselves in that situation. But again, listen, the bears proved something that happens in the NFL all the time, you can go from last to first in a really. The last seven or eight years the way the league has changed speaking to the bears Adrian Peterson. What no we had that conversation. Are you kidding me? Well, that was one guy speculation because. Okay. More speculation coming back. I don't think it was like a report. He's just saying, hey, keep your eye on the bears. What you do? There's you. Shuffle your feet in terms of the same back with a little extra speed. A lot more mileage and probably a bigger contract. Do you know what I mean? So I mean, obviously, they'd be they'd be releasing Adrian Peterson. Then you would be signing him. But what would you be paying him? If you wanted him. He's not gonna play for the minimum. Yeah. I so I don't know what they're gonna do. I think from the bears. There's three things that are interesting a safety. Do you decide to try and get Adrian Amos to sign an extension a team friendly extension, which I don't think they're going to overpay him. I think if they can get them at their Baga barred bargain basement price, I think they'll take it. What will they do with price Callahan? And what in the world can you get for Jordan Howard on the trail can you sign Callahan and Amos can you get them both? I think most knows the system I'm more than adequate safety more than I mean, I know a lot of people like a more than I do. But I mean, do you really want to pay more than adequate at all? Because you're going to have to pay Eddie Jackson next year, you've already paid prince amukamara and obviously Kyle fuller. Are you going gonna have to pay? Leonard Floyd next year. Right. Even if you the fifth year tenders gonna cost you a lot of money. I mean, what you try to do is is you give him the tender. And then you try to sign him to a long term deal. But I think Mark Vic I think we'll find out how much they like him if they like him they'll lock him up and other teams our dumping salary, and they're going to be even more veterans safeties. There's a ton now I actually value the job that Bryce Callahan. Does personally. I I value that more than I value the other safety. Would you guys be interested cap was throwing this at field Yates today in clay Matthews at a at a at a bargain price, if he's willing to come get them at your price pass rusher. Yeah. If you felt he was healthy enough to play be your Aaron Lynch is opposed to that. But I'm not paying, you know, a a because you're clay Matthews junior premium. Of course, I'm paying you there with Jared Allen. Yes. But look the Packers got a lot of peppers FDA left. The bears. Like you could in the right situation of these guys. That's why I I'm hoping that Justin Houston is released and he has a desire to come in discount. I do too. Yeah. I do too always liked tied. So we continue to wait on this. In Tokyo, Brown situation, Mark as predicted said he didn't want him. Anyway, he went to been celebrating today if they had gotten him. So we had heard this like a week or two ago someone wrote about it. But it's now becoming official where this independent baseball league. The Atlantic league was the Atlantic coast league. Call the Atlantic league. I believe robot empires robot on parts and they're moving the mound back. It's farther away from home plate instead of six feet six inches to two feet six inches. They're gonna lower it as well. No, no, Louise is two feet farther back, really. And then no visits to the mound. Right. And it's all in partnership with major league baseball. So major league baseball is funding this so that way, they can get all the studies back. What happens in some of these games because of this? How is the the robot? I'm convinced the robot empires, it's counting. It's just a matter of when it's when the technology is good enough. I heard cap talking about this today, and he's one hundred percent against it. I'm on the other side of that conversation. I if you can get it if you can get it, right? And I think it will actually you won't it won't slow things down. I'd be fine with real good with balls and strikes in tennis calls. So you've got an ISP. Right. And they telling you, you know as soon as the ball crosses the plates. The empire is going to signal it. But it's going to be determined by technique to be fair to the empire have him with the right and have him make the call. Right. And if it differs from the robot, he can go and that ball. Streto relay what they're telling him in his ear. He's not calling it. So. Here's a. Guy in for hanging out to dry the way, they showed it in real sports. There's a guy sitting in the press boxer wherever some room, and he's got the computer program, and it's connected to the television. And as soon as the pitches delivered instantaneously it shows up baller strike the guy says in his phone getting fire ball, and then you'll see the just as you do. Now it happens in real time ball on and you you you couldn't tell that the guy behind the plate wasn't making the call. And it's every one is right because it's because of technology. That's what I'm saying. Yeah. As an empire. Just kind of a surrogate guy there relaying something else? You make the calls at the dish on tags and stuff you do the other homeplace also. Late plays it. I. Taxes? Well, how about Mike and all the players or Mike one player per game Phillies the outfield and could become Sunday night. The spring training stuff has been spectacular. What's happening? The game. You play how many damn innings in any year. You have a designated miked guy preferably in outfielder because. Talk show at first base. Oh, that'd be good. I would love it. I mean, I think you're taking it too seriously..

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