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Off pattern with little loops. And I said, Eli, you got to fix this. So he fixed it. He fixes it for me, but the good thing is I got ten new followers from Beijing. That Kevin underscore kneeling on Twitter, by the way. Don't forget the underscore. That's on Twitter. And my Instagram is Kevin nealon. Just plain old. Just at Kevin nealon. No, necessary on Instagram. No, I got it before somebody could take it. I think I did yeah. But that's a great caricature of the mannings right there. Thank you very much. Thank you. I mean, the forehead for somebody like Peyton. That's the easy one, right? That's the thing. I mean, that's it. Some things just jump out with people. That's one of them right there. Another drawing that I want to throw up there. This is incredible as well. You just mentioned him Norm Macdonald is a, that's a great one right there. Yeah, norm was quite a guy. He was so unique. He was so peculiar, too. Norm was very needy in a way. And I'm not speaking out of I mean, everybody knew that he was needy. He always needed a handler. Yes. Because he just, I don't know if he didn't know how to do things or he just didn't feel like doing it. Going tour with him. He couldn't find his passport. He couldn't find his shoes. He couldn't find this. Are you serious? He didn't drive. He didn't have no driver's license. You had to point him in the right direction where to go. And this is what I was doing drugs or anything. And he loved to gamble. And again, I'm not speaking out of school on that one either. He loved the gamble. And I learned not to loan nor money, because he wouldn't pay it back. And we were in Vegas once, and he has to borrow $500. So I gave him a $500, think he'd pay it back. He went off to gamble. He came back the next morning at some for breakfast. I said, no, you get the 500 bucks. I do last night. He goes, oh, you'll get it, you'll get it the next day. Don't forget the $500. You got it. And then 30, I go, you got the $500, you keep putting me off, but I mean, you know, disrespectful not paying me back. He goes, what do you complaining about? You only lost $500. I lost $5000. Little lord. The only one was 5000. I lost $5000. Come on. I got to work on this impression.

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