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The door off of me that yeah what a losing side. it's like the Chicago cab they always lose but you love them this is Sylvia about a scrawny side of of Milan AC Milan actually I. wait for. yes I'm fully dates me but I supported Milan AC back at the time when I was a great did before see a bit of soul but it's going to cover the mid eighties they have a Darby is after a derby Michael R. Darby is derby we played our. it took place a couple weekends. Malone AC model I have been to Juventus Milan and it was a great guy and we also lost can you buy the team with your next book royalties I mean AC Milan I so we could put some money together around this table although I have heard that they the French billion I missed on note might be interested in. we'll have live bass just say okay we got to go thank you this is Bloomberg. the New York City with the latest news his microphone out of and but you very much the state department's independent watchdog is heading to Capitol Hill today for what's being called an urgent briefing on the Ukraine scandal this is a house Democrats battle with secretary of state Mike Pompeii over subpoenas from pale says request for confidential interviews with state department employees is an act of intimidation Democrats fired back writing death of pay now appears to have an obvious conflict of interest it is now on to the sentencing phase the same jury that convicted former police officer amber Geiger guilty of murder must now decide her punishment Geiger was convicted after shooting bother me John in his Dallas apartment mistakenly believing was hers global news twenty four hours a day on air and it took dark on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven of the journalist metals more than a hundred twenty countries Michael bar this is Bloomberg I think so much twenty four hours risk god look.

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