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It's animal radio. In just a few minutes, we're gonna have bows Hadley back on the air. His book life's a pooch, quotes about dogs and the people who love them, and he's gone out he's collected. I'm glad I would say it's thousands of quotes from celebrities, experts all around about dogs. This one from Oscar Mayer. You know, Oscar Mayer, the hot dog guy. He says the noblest of all animals is the dog. And the noblest of all dogs is the hot dog because it feeds the hand that bites it. Is in this book here. We're going to give away to this book. A great book for your holiday giving, whether it's Hanukkah. Excuse me. I was noticing earlier that you get that in there when you say Hanukkah. I don't know what that's about. But it's a good gift for me. Or the Christmas holidays and we'll give some away. We'll have the author on in just a few minutes. We're getting so hard in the newsroom miss Lori Brooks. What do you have for us this hour? It takes time to dig up these stories Hal, and I think this would be the best gift for a cat lover. It's a KickStarter project right now, but I will fill you in on this new toilet for cats. Oh, a new toilet. Like a real human toilet. Really? You have to share it. Yeah, no. Well, that's on the way. I'm getting my cat's the best gift this year. I got them a box. You did it. Just a box. That's what they play with. That's what they love anyway. Throw pieces of crumpled up paper in there. Oh my gosh. Instead of wrapping the box, I'm going to take the wrapping paper just put it in the box. And that's their gift this year. And you know what's the love paper bags, too? But they don't make paper bags anymore, do they? They do. I actually stopped a clerk at target the other day. If I can say that. I just said, by the way, I love they just upgraded their bags to a heavier gauge plastic. And I said, you know, no other plastic bags mean anything to my kitten. But boy, the target bags are a favorite. I just cut the little handles so that they don't that's an important thing if you do have cats and you give them plastic bags. They handles can get caught around their neck or body parts. So you should cut those to free that so that it's not a safety hazard for your kitty to play with that. Not like the plastic Walmart bag. Now no, no. Of course. Perfectly fine in Nevada where you are. Yes. But in California, there are no plastic fans. No plastic bag. They banned and you can get paper bags, but you have to pay for them. It's a story. Anything that is not something that is such a bad thing. It was easy to get used to. Yeah, absolutely. And it couldn't just. For our oceans here, meant less trash, especially with the little handles that could choke an animal. And you see them flying all over the freeway on the sides, all the bags. You don't see that. Not anymore. Good thing. Take note. The rest of the country. Which one are we going to? Line one. Hey Robert. Hello? How are you doing today? I'm doing good. Drew's in cross Nevada here. Elk one Nevada. Elkon Nevada. Okay, how's your pets? How are your animals? She's got some kind of discomfort. I think it's from a yellow jacket thing. Oh, okay. Did you see her get stung by one? No, I didn't. We were at the Lake and she was over by the boat, trailers, and there's nobody over there. And all of a sudden, she starts yiping like she's been kicked herself, then I go running and somebody's nobody's around her. So there's yellow jacket nest in the boat trailers and we figured that's what happened. Okay. So what's going on with her? What do you see? Well, you know, it's a month later and she had some immediate discomfort and but that past and now she seems like she's got something in her ears. She walks with her head a little funny to keep shaking her head. And have you had that look down? Have you had a look inside her ear? No, I haven't. I looked and I don't see anything. I think she was just done below the ear. Okay. 'cause that would be really unusual to still have that typical hypersensitivity irritation from a wasp or bee sting this late down the road. Now we can set a couple days after I can make a case for that. And it only rare cases where we have some horrible complication of a bee sting where there's like an immune problem, maybe down the road would we still be having some itchiness from that. But my first instinct is I want to look down her ear and the interesting thing is when you look at a dog's ear, if you're looking at the flap, you're seeing only, oh gosh, maybe a quarter of what's going on inside a dog's ear, because they have a very deep kind of convoluted ear canal that we can't see unless we put a scope down in there. So that's my first prescription. I'm going to say let's get a good scoping inside her ear and look. Now, you might even find it's crazy. I found bugs in dog's ear canal. So if there were bees around there, or anything else, we want to make sure there's not something inside that air, whether it's a physical object, a critter, or maybe an ear infection. Any of those things could definitely cause her to still kind of flap and show discomfort with that ear. Okay, well, I'll take her to the vet, Monday. Yeah, and have a look. Is the flap of the year from the outside? Is that normal? Or does it seem thick at all to you? Everything is normal. And she likes her ear up deep in her in her head, you know, like they do. Oh, they had no idea. She really leans into it to get that bottom of that right here. She's a super active four year old mint in jet skis and snowmobiles and she's very active. She's very active. Well, very good. That's good. Definitely good to keep her out and active. All right, yeah. We appreciate your call. You're listening to animal radio. Call the Dream Team now with the free animal radio app for iPhone and Android. This is animal radio baby. All of us here at fido friendly magazine can't wait to get on the road again with our favorite fido. We know that it's just not a vacation without our furry companions by our side. Start day dreaming now and visit fido friendly dot com to scout out places near and far, so you will be ready for your next adventure once it's safe to travel. That's fido friendly dot com. Until then, stay safe and leave no dog behind..

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