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Really every hour. I switch it back. I'm like listen with Texas looks like to the Super Bowl. But Andrew luck seems to be on fire. But he gets that pick six I don't even know what to go on a lot of these games. But I'm so excited did real well here at mama's park last couple of weeks 'cause the teams that needed to win Goodwin for me and JJ continued success. Love listening to you. I think you said seven years the other day with Jerry guy took my son. Do you did great with him? Jerry's in another enigma. He could go anywhere. And let's go I think I'm gonna go ravens. I I'm gonna go ravens ravens even on betting eagle straight up. Wait ravens. There's it'd be a cool Super Bowl who you're a Super Bowl prediction, buddy. Dave. I had the Texans in the sense that the beginning of the year, I'm very off Houston. And as I said the team that I think that's playing this weekend. That's got the best chance to go to Super Bowl the LA chargers, but they could easily lose the Baltimore on Sunday. And again that's this week, and it's so much fun. But thanks to Eddie are zooming. Outstanding work on the other side, you guys I mean outstanding waiting for an hour and a half. We have so much going on lines were jammed as expected. That's what I'm talking about. You guys are the best. You got Alan Jerry coming up. You got boomer and geo coming up I'll be back Sunday morning. As will Ed are zooming. We'll recap block or weekend won't get you ready for the national championship. Damn great weekend. Enjoy New York City. State farm. This.

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